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    Haven GM’s success at Cornwall Tourism Awards

    At Haven we are proud of the work that our team members put in each and every day to ensuring our guests have a fantastic time on our parks. We’re particularly delighted to talk about the achievements of June Donnery, Haven’s General Manager at Perran Sands and Riviere Sands who recently won an award at the Cornwall Tourism Awards.

    June who has managed both of our Cornwall parks for 15 years, received an award in Business Leadership not only for her work around our two parks in Cornwall but also for the tireless work she does in the local community. No two days are ever the same, one day her team might be dealing with some of the rarest plants and animals in Europe while on another they will be making sure our valued guests are having a great holiday. June’s award is a celebration of this and all the hard work that she and her team do.

    The Awards which were held earlier this month at Truro cathedral, saw 77 awards presented across 27 different categories with June’s award being the very first of its kind.

    On receiving the award June was ‘immensely proud as a leader, I couldn’t believe I won it to be honest. This award is about the whole leadership teams’ achievements over the years. I am passionate about my role here as a leader here in Cornwall looking after two beautiful caravan parks in such naturally outstanding locations.’

    When June first found out she was receiving the award in August she was ‘shocked in a very good way, I feel very, very proud of what we are doing.’

    Although June has been General Manager at Perran Sands and Riviere Sands for 15 years, June has been working as part of Bourne Leisure for 30 years! We are proud of June and her achievements here at Haven.

    If you haven’t been to our Cornwall parks yet then you will be in for a real treat if you select one for your 2020 holiday. Perran Sands in Perranporth is perfect for aspiring surfers while Riviere Sands in Hayle has plenty of beach fun nearby.

    What are your favourite memories of holidaying at our Cornwall parks?