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    A couple’s caravan gift at Primrose Valley!

    As well as families owning at our Haven Parks, we also have many different charities that choose Haven.

    A new charity has just moved in at Primrose Valley in Scarborough and they can’t wait to help people getaway.

    Remembering Rebecca’ was set up in memory of Rebecca Sands, who tragically lost her battle with the rare brain condition Lissenceohaly before she even turned two.

    Gemma and Michael, Rebecca’s parents, have given other families a generous gift of a holiday and priceless family time.

    ‘Many parents struggle financially when looking after a sick child, due to medical costs and often giving up work, so a holiday really is a luxury. This is an amazing chance to get away without having to worry about financial costs. ’

    ‘Remembering Rebecca’ can help families get that much needed respite and family time. Peter Dallison, assistant sales manager at the park, couldn’t agree more and is delighted and proud to be welcoming families on park and to be able to help such an amazing charity.

    ‘I would like to wish them all the success in the world! Primrose Valley are thrilled to be able to help a good cause.’


    Charity and rory