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    Craig Tara’s Lighthouse Harbour Adventure Village

    The Lighthouse Harbour Adventure Village at Craig Tara Holiday Park in Ayr, Scotland, is our brand new all-weather, state-of-the-art leisure and entertainment facility overflowing with new adventures and try-it-for-the-first-time experiences. You’ll be able to jump higher and climb further – but most of all, have more fun!

    Play Village

    Your little ones will love our Play Village – and it really is as adorable as it sounds! We’ve created a miniature seaside world for them, where they can explore, create, and play. The Activity Cove, Boathouse Stage, Coastal Chef School and Coastal Lab will be ready for tots’ imaginations to run wild.

    Mini Aerial Adventure and Aerial Adventure Extra

    The Drop

    Come and experience the thrill of The Drop. Take a flying jump into the air and experience free fall before landing on a soft giant airbag. Are you ready to drop? This activity is for those aged 10 years+. All you need to bring is appropriate clothing and footwear and a little bit of daring. It’s two jumps per person.

    The Jump and The Extreme Jump

    Get ready for some nail-biting fun as you face The Jump! Leap off the 6m-high platform and experience the feel of a free fall before the device catches you and floats you to the ground. And you think The Jump sounds scary? Well get ready for The Extreme Jump! Where you leap off the eye-watering 12m-high platform!

    The Crazy Climber

    Can you conquer our seven new interactive crazy climbing walls at Craig Tara? Test your strength, speed and skill as you overcome the bubble, honeycomb and spinning holds to reach the top. No skill needed, just a little determination.

    Captain’s Crazy Golf

    For those looking for a slower pace, why not try the new indoor Captain’s Crazy Golf course? Test your pirate skills as you balance on one leg while trying to play 9 holes of golf. Arrr me hearty I do believe I got a hole-in-one!

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