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    Craig Tara’s new pool!

    Craig Tara’s new pool is set to become the 8th Wonder of the World (well maybe not but it’s pretty impressive!)
    We’ve invested over £3 million in re-styling our pool at our Craig Tara holiday park in Ayr and now it’s open to our guests and holiday makers for them to enjoy.
    With it’s three pools and children’s paddling area for the little ones, there is plenty of room for them splash days.

    As well as swimming you can make a splash with the new slides. You can choose from 200m of giants flumes, a 90m rapid ride or race your family on the 30m three lane slide.

    With interactive water channels, high walkways and water spray cannons the chances of stay dry are pretty slim but who cares when it’s this much fun!
    As well as lots of colourful decorative features dotted around, including penguins, hot air balloons and feature boats.


    Have you visited our new pool yet?
    Or has another Haven pool got you swimming for joy?