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    These are the only places you should be eating a cream tea this Easter!

    Easter’s fast approaching and we’re all looking forward to some chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny. But if you’re heading to Devon for the Easter holidays, it would criminal not to clear space in your chocolate-eating schedule for a delicious cream tea. They’re the jewel in the crown of the south-west and unbelievably tasty.
    And to make sure you get the proper cream tea experience when you’re down in Devon, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the best places to get one near our park, Devon Cliffs.

    Tea on the Green, Exeter

    Exeter is just a short drive from Devon Cliffs so if you’re heading here for a day trip, stop off for tea and a scone at one of the quaintest cafés in the city.

    Situated next to the Cathedral Green, at the Tea on the Green you can enjoy one of the most delicious West Country cream teas while looking out onto the beautiful Exeter Cathedral.

    Georgian Tea Room, Exeter

    Perhaps you’d like to enjoy your afternoon tea as it was traditionally eaten. In that case, head to the Georgian Tea Room.

    Everything is homemade from scratch using local ingredients and your scone will arrive on your plate still warm from the oven. Yum.

    Angel’s Tea Rooms, Torquay

    If you’re planning a day trip to the English Riviera, Torquay, stop off at Angel’s Tea Rooms. Your loose leaf tea will be served in fine bone china and you can enjoy your scones in the lovely garden courtyard.

    Imagine enjoying a cream tea looking out over these views!

    Imagine enjoying a cream tea looking out over these views!

    But do you know the right way to eat a cream tea?

    If you’re not from the south-west, you might not know that there’s a right and a wrong way to eat a cream tea. A scone is a scone, after all. But if you speak to anyone from Devon or Cornwall, you’ll soon find out it’s caused much debate over the years.

    See, in Devon they like to put a layer of clotted cream on first and then top it with jam. But in Cornwall, they like to butter the scone, put on a layer of jam and then top it with clotted cream.

    The order of the toppings correctly is the key to eating a cream tea “properly” and if you think it doesn’t matter, the Cornish would certainly beg to differ.

    Apparently, the jam has to be beneath the cream because it gives the cream something to grip to. It may sound trivial but down in the south-west how you eat a cream tea is very important – almost as important as how you pronounce ‘scone’ (does it rhyme with ‘John’ or ‘Joan’?)

    But you know the best way to find out how to eat a cream tea? Head down to one of these great cafés while you’re staying at Devon Cliffs to try one for yourself! And while you’re reading, check out our other great blog about eating well on holiday –  5 Healthy Treats

    If a cream tea isn’t buttering you up, watch our video below for all the fun activities happening this Easter at Haven.