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    Create an new stick of rock flavour with Haven!

    What would a trip to the seaside be without a trusty stick of rock? But have you ever thought the traditional flavour was lacking something? Well now is the time to take a stand and stick it to the man by helping us invent a new stick of rock flavour with Haven!

    We’ve teamed up with Stanton & Novelty Confectionery who make all the yummy rock that we have at our parks and held a competiton on our Facebook. We asked our Facebook fans to channel their inner Willa Wonka by coming up their most imaginative ideas for a new flavour of rock.
    They answered in their hundred and we managed to narrow it down to our top 6 – drum roll please…


    Bakewell Tart


    Fizzy Orange

    Fizzy Orange





    Eton Mess


    Rhubarb and Custard

    Rhubarb and custard


    How can you help? All you need to is join us on our Facebook page and click ‘like’ under your favourite flavour!
    Plus we’ll be choosing a voter at random to win a prize!