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    Professor David Bellamy awards Craig Tara Gold Accolade in the ‘Green Olympics’

    Professor David Bellamy has awarded our Scottish park Craig Tara with a Gold Accolade in the ‘Green Olympics’.

    The David Bellamy Conservation Award only goes to the parks that have demonstrated a sound commitment to the natural environment – helping to enhance and protect it.

    Are you wondering what Craig Tara did to achieve gold? Here are just some of the things they do to help the environment…

    Craig Tara saves water by installing combined toilet flush systems and water buffalos. They have also spent thousands of pounds on LEDs to cut down electricity use. Want to hear something cool? Craig Tara even has their very own power rangers to switch off power when it is not needed. And to check how much power is used around park, they have fitted smart metres to six different areas.

    There are plenty of recycling bins around park for glass, plastic and general waste so there is no excuse! To save paper, they have provided tablets to the two largest teams on park – accommodation and maintenance. Craig Tara worked with the South Ayrshire Council to put in an electrical board, which displays the bathing quality of the sea – SEPA take weekly samples of the water.

    The park ranger builds nest boxes; mason bee hives and grows butterfly friendly plants at the start of the year. The ranger gets holidaymakers and holiday homeowners involved, making it a fun, knowledgeable experience for all. Furthermore, Craig Tara is also heavily planted with bushes and trees to allow birds to fly from one area to another and parts of the park are left to grow wild for butterflies and bees and to provide suitable habitats.

    To top this award off…Craig Tara is the well-deserved recipient of a Special Distinction Award in the 2016 David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme. Craig Tara was given this award for their range of outdoor activities, the work of the park ranger and the conversion of the Golf Club House into the Nature Rockz wildlife centre. The Nature Rockz wildlife centre provides a place to receive information and learn all about the local wildlife and surroundings.

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