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    A day in the life of a Nature Rockz ranger

    Our brilliant Nature Rockz rangers are at one with the wilderness from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep again so we decided to take a look into what their days may include!

    Making A Fire

    Sitting around a fire with your marshmallows is a camping classic and our rangers want you all to know how you can make your own fire.

    It’s really fun and it’s safe enough for even the little ones to get involved with!

    Natural Flu and Cold Remedy

    If someone’s feeling under the weather ranger Dai heads down to the woods to pick up the ingredients he needs for his ‘Magic Tea’.

    He comes back with some yarrow and added it to ginger, mint and boiling water and needless to say, a cup of his special brew and you’ll be feeling right as rain again.

    Dai explained that the earth is trying to heal us, which is why when people tend to get a cold, yarrow grows with its magical healing properties.

    Bug Hunting

    This is something the kids are bound to love. Finding little crittures and creepy crawlies in the woods!

    Dai is on hand again to show you everything you need and where to look to find some bugs.

    Shelter Building

    Everything else might be a load of fun to do but if you haven’t got anywhere to stay you might not have the best time camping!

    Luckily for you ranger Steve can help you build one in less than three minutes…but do take your time!


    What’s your favourite Nature Rockz activity? Let us know in the comment section below or share your Nature Rockz pictures in our #MyHavenDays competition to be in with the chance to win a holiday!