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    Those were the days – the best of 2014

    To get us through the tough month of January we’ve been taking a little look back at what 2014 had to offer – and boy did it serve us up a treat!We’ve rounded up 14 reasons why last year was amazing (of course there are a lot more reasons than the ones we’ve listed but it’s just to get you started!)

    1. New developments

    Every year we put lots of hard work in to making our Haven parks even better and 2014 was not different! We had a new Lake at Lakeland, new restaurants and bars at Marton Mere and Seton Sands,a new pool at Burnham-on-Sea and new show bar at Hafan Y Mor just to name a few!

    before MM boat house

    From this…

    after MM boat house

    …to this!

    2. New Shows

    We had some amazing new shows including the 80’s sensation Girls on film!


    3. The Summer sun!

    We welcomed the Mr Sun with open arms earlier than expected last year – in fact Church Farm opened their outdoor pool on the 17th of April! That’s a whole 37 days early!

    Church Farm pool

    4. Lots for tots

    In 2014  we had lots of new activities for our littler guests including Polly’s Swim-a-song, Ned’s Tots and Tunes and Anxious’ Sensory morning!

    5. It was a year full of awards!

    It might be award season now but for us, 2014 was always award season! Now we don’t want to sound boastful but we’re just so proud of parks and team that we can’t help smiling from ear to ear. From blue flag beaches to being the 5th best place to work in the UK – 2014 was a good year! To read more about our rewards pop on over to

    6. Segways come to our parks!

    The most stylish way to get around. And that’s a fact.

    7. Haven got colourful!

    During Summer things got arty at Haven. We teamed up with Ravensburger and got kids outside making beautiful pavement art for Haven in Colour.

    Haven in Colour


    8. Nature Rockz came to park!

    We got back to Nature on 11 different parks with our Nature Rockz activities. You could be making bird boxes, learning how to start fires and much more.

    9. Our Haven facebook turned 2!

    10. We started not one but two new youtube series

    Some say ‘cooking in a caravan‘ rivals Ready, steady cook and some say that ‘challenge Haven’ is the new Crystal Maze.

    11.We had some great star acts!

    From Danyl Johnson to Keith and Orville, 2014 to Melanie Masson and her impressive lungs, 2014 was a star-filled year!

    12. We trended on twitter!

    Thanks to being the first holiday to park to live stream via google+ #projecttalent trended in the UK!

    13. We went and wrote a Christmas song!

    14. We released a new advert

    We eagerly showed off our new advert to our social fans and blog readers on Christmas Eve – a day before it premiered on tele!

    And here’s to 2015!