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    Directors of Walkies’ Guide to Cornwall

    Severus and Lily are sniffing out another adventure, and have travelled down to Perran Sands Holiday Park to make a dog friendly guide to Cornwall! Our Directors of Walkies explored the local area and used our Super Tents on the stunning Perranporth Beach as a base whilst discovering new dog-friendly finds.

    After their recent trip to Devon, the inquisitive pups were eager to see what other interesting activities the Great British coast had to offer, both in and around our parks. During their stay at Perran Sands, Sev and Lily tried something new and spent their evenings in Cornwall getting back to nature and camping under the stars… in style! If your family and pups are known for camping, our Super Tents are a fun, glamorous way to spice up the traditional tent experience.  With electric, basic cooking facilities and beds, it’s great for families with dogs to use as a base for their Cornish adventure.

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    Dog Friendly Places to Visit in Cornwall

    Perranporth Beach

    Perranporth beach is a stunning long, sandy bay which is dog friendly all year round. Pups can roam lead-free in the sand most of the year, and in the months of July and August are allowed to explore the beach on a lead. The sand dunes are very close to the park, so it is the perfect place for evening walkies and enjoying a red sunset.

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    Paws in Padstow

    Paws in Padstow is an independent pet boutique and is located in a lovely garden which welcomes your four-legged companions. Not only does the shop look fantastic, the brands they stock are perfect for day-to-day items as well as special treats to spoil your pup with whilst on holiday.

    Wet Dog Pizza

    This is a great family-run pizzeria based in Newquay! Not only is it tasty for us humans… it’s delicious for hounds too. The small dog menu is awesome and Sev and Lily rated it 5 stars. Wet Dog Pizza also provide toys and blankets to make sure the dogs are comfortable during their visit.

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    Trelissick National Trust

    Who wouldn’t love walkies though woodland, beach and open fields? Sounds like a pup’s haven (no pun intended)! This trek is only a 30 minutes drive away from Perran Sands, and dogs are allowed off lead on the whole walk. You can cut the walk short or venture through the entire trip to really explore the area and all it has to offer.

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    Kayaking with Cornwall Bike Hire

    This activity was a great way to navigate through the Camel Estuary. Severus and Lily have kayaked before so, they found this a lovely afternoon exploration. What made the experience even more special was both dogs and two owners could fit into one kayak, comfortably and safely! If your pet is used to water sports, Cornwall is the place to be.

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    Do you have any fun trips and tips to share with Severus and Lily? Let us know in the comment section below!

    Visit Steph and the Spaniels for more info on the pups adventures!