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    DIY half term: Seaside Squad Hoopla by Jack!

    If there is one person who knows how to make half term fun – it’s our VIP blogger Jack!When he’s not spending his time doing fun things in Somerset, Jack is quite the keen DIY-er! He’s come up with a cool – and super easy to make – Seaside Squad Hoopla game. Here’s how you can make yours…


    Roll up, Roll up, Its Seaside Squad Hoopla!

    You Will Need:
    4 Hoops
    6 Bottles
    6 Seaside Squad Images

    Here's what you will need!

    Here’s what you will need!

    1. Collect 6 plastic bottle
    2. Cut the Seaside Squad images out
    3. Stick the images to the card

    Stick the Seaside Squad images to the card!

    Stick the Seaside Squad images to the card!

    4. Cut the images out of the card

    Cut out the card!

    Cut out the card!

    5. Fill the bottles with water or sand, make sure the lids are on tight
    6. Stick the images around the bottles with the sellotape
    7. Get 4 or more hoops

    Stick to the bottles and PLAY!

    Stick to the bottles and PLAY!

    8. And it is time to PLAY!


    And the best part is… It’s a 2 in 1 game!

    You can download the Seaside Squad images here: Rory, Bradley, Anxious, Greedy, Ned, Polly.

    All you have to do is swap the hoops for a ball and you’ve got yourself Seaside Squad BOWLING!

    Are you going to give Jack’s game a try?
    We’d love to see them!