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    Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

    Need some ideas to step your Halloween decorating up a gear this year? If you’re short for time but want to get into the spooky spirit, we’ve got some quick and easy tips to give your home a monstrous twist.

    Lollipop ghosts

    As well as being quick and easy DIY Halloween decorations, these ghostly ornaments double up as tasty treats!  All you need is a lollipop to make the shape of the head, tissue paper to wrap around, and some ribbons to tie it up! You can even use an elastic band to keep it super quick and easy. Draw a spooky face on with a marker pen and voilà! Your first Halloween decoration is made in no time at all.

    And the best bit is, you can either hand these out to trick or treaters on the big day for a spooky surprise, or add them to your own trick or treating collection!

    Frightful balloons

    If time is of the essence, there is nothing easier than blowing up a few white and orange balloons, grabbing your marker pen, and drawing on some freaky faces. In minutes, you have a collection of makeshift ghosts and pumpkins to place around the house.

    If you want to get a bit more creative, cut out some bats to stick onto black balloons, or eight freaskish spiders legs to transform a black balloon into a vicious spider!

    Blood shots

    One for the grown ups, these Dracula-inspired shots are not for the faint-hearted!  To create the illusion of blood, all you need to do is fill a syringe with red grenadine syrup and squeeze a bit into your favourite spirit. Leave the syringe in when serving to friends to maximise the shock factor.

    Creative pumpkins

    It isn’t Halloween without a scary face carved into a pumpkin, flickering in the moonlight outside your front door. Why not step up your game this year and try carving a bat, cat or haunted house? Check out our Youtube video to pick up some top pumpkin carving tips.

    Once carved, don’t let that pumpkin go to waste! Turn the leftover flesh into yummy pumpkin soup or a spiced pumpkin smoothie.

    We’d love to hear your ideas. Let us know how you’re decorating your home this Halloween in the comments section.