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    Do you want to make a Snowman?

    Did you miss having snow yet again over Christmas? Well don’t worry, you can still make a snowman and the best thing about this one is it will never melt!

    As Christmas over it is now that dreaded time of taking down the decs and restructuring the bedrooms in order to fit the copious amounts of presents received. We know this can be tedious if little people are getting under your feet, so, we have a simple craft idea that will keep the kiddies amused and out of the way whilst you focus on getting the house straight.

    What you will need:

    1. A5 sheet of white paper
    2. Loo roll tube
    3. An old odd sock (We all have one of those)
    4. Cotton
    5. Black marker
    6. Colouring pens to decorate
    7. Sellotape or pritt stick



    1. For the body

    Cover tube with white paper by wrapping it around the cardboard tube and securing either with sellotape or pritt stick.


    2. Making the hat

    Stretch sock over the top of the tube and tie cotton tightly around the sock to form the top of the hat and cut off the foot part of the sock. Cut another 1cm off the remaining part of the sock and cut to make into a strip (this is for our snowman’s scarf).


    2. The Face

    Once you have your hat you need to create the face of your snowman giving it eyes, carrot nose, mouth and buttons.


    4. The Scarf

    Even snowmen get cold in the winter! Tie the remaining material from the sock around the tube to give your snowman a scarf and… ta darrrrrrrr!


    Easy peasy. We would love to see your snowmen #MakeASnowman

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