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    Dreaming of a place in the sun this 2015?

    Have you ever thought about getting away to where the sun is shining?  To show you the sort of views you could be enjoying this year we have put together a whole selection of beautiful sunset images for you to enjoy from across a wide range of locations. If you feel like finding out more just click on the name of location described below and have a browse through all the different holiday home opportunities that we have to offer you. Maybe later this year you will be sending us your sunset snaps!


    Ribbet collage1
    Want to know where all these images were taken? Just click on the name to find out more!

    Top left – Hopton   Center left – Doniford Bay  Center right – Littlesea   Top Right –Primrose Valley

    Left – Burnham-on-Sea  Center left – Seashore  Center right – Devon Cliffs  Right – Blue Dolphin

    Left – Craig Tara  Center left- Perran Sands  Center right – Berwick  Right – Marton Mere

    Bottom left – Hafan Y Mor  Center right – Church Farm  Center left – Thorpe Park  Bottom Right –Weymouth Bay

    Have you got any sunset snaps from your holiday home? What is your favourite location around the UK? Are you interested in becoming a holiday home owner? Let us know by leaving a comment below!