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    Tree Fu Tom fancy dress competition

    It’s not long until a hero will be joining us on our parks. Next week Tree Fu Tom kicks off his 60-date tour, Tree Fu Go which means there is little over a week to get your best Tree Fu Tom outfit ready!

    As well as a joining Tree Fu Tom and friends on their adventure, you will have the chance of winning  some Tree Fu Tom goodies.
    Dress up as your favourite character with prizes for the most creative and innovate costumes – get the glue sticks at the ready!

    28-04-2016 12-28-31

    The winner will also get a professional photograph, posing in their award-winning outfit with Tree Fu Tom. It will also be published on Haven’s Twitter to show the world their tree-rific creation!

    If you need some inspiration follow the links below
    How to make a Tree Fu Tom belt
    How to make Tree Fu wings

    During the tour you can keep up with all of the action by following @haven and @thesgamonkey on twitter and using the #treefugotour

    When will Tree Fu Tom be visiting?

    tree fu tom branded dates

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