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    My Edinburgh Break

    I’ve always wanted to visit the capital of Scotland, famous for is vibrancy, history and culture, so lucky for me,
    my very good friend lives in there! However, she was shortly moving back to England so we took advantage to go and see her before she left. She was so very proud to show us her beloved Edinburgh city which is only a 30 minute drive from our Haven park Seton Sands. We flew up from Luton airport for just £100 each and my friend had already hired a car.

    On our first day in the area we visited Stirling Castle, one of the most important castles in Scotland. We purchased a visitors pass for £23 per adult that would allow us access a number of other castles and attractions at a reduced price, including Edinburgh castle.

    Stirling Castle

    Stirling Castle

    There are plenty of guides to help you understand the history of the castle, lots of interactive rooms for kids and even one area where you can try on some costumes. My favourite part of the castle had to be the 15th century tapestry they are re-creating, it was fascinating to watch the technique… it won’ be finished until September so there’s still time to go and see it, if like me, you’re a bit of a sewing bee!


    Edinburgh city is rich with history the sombre, many wars were fought and lives lost, and the quirky -like the statue of Greyfriars Bobby who was a Skye terrier who apparently visited his dead owners grave every day for 14 years until he himself died!

    Getting around is easy as it has an amazing and efficient bus service and for just £3.50 per adult you can hop on and off buses all day and into the evening. There are buses direct from Seton Sands into Edinburgh so you don’t need to worry about parking the car. It will soon have a tram service too which should be up and running by end of May if not earlier.

    Man's Best Friend - Greyfriars Bobby

    Man’s Best Friend – Greyfriars Bobby

    First off I would recommend a trip to Holyrood which which has an easy path to meander up and you will be rewarded with fabulous views for your efforts. If you have mobility problems or children that are too tiny to walk it there is a road you can drive up almost to the top.

    The museum of Scotland is free to enter and is definitely worth visiting especially if you have kids. Lots to see from dinosaurs to racing cars and plenty of interactive features and in many places kids are encouraged to touch! If you want you take your own lunch in as there’s a picnic area.

    Princes street is the most famous shopping street but it’s busy so a top tip is to find the pedestrian access that runs behind the shops! It has all the main ones you would expect but for the more quirky shops you need to pop up some of the smaller side streets.

    Tartan is definitely in this season so its the ideal time to pick up a scarf… I even saw a tartan Onsie!

    Edinburgh Castle really needs a good few hours. Located on the top of a hill you can walk up or hop on a bus. There are many different buildings to explore our highlights were the regimental museum and the Scottish Crown Jewels. Sadly we just missed the one o’clock gun going off!

    Refreshing change to see a Museum asking people to touch!

    Refreshing change to see a Museum asking people to touch!

    The castle puts on a number of events during the year but the most famous being the Royal Edinburgh Military tattoo which will take place between 1-23 August. It features some awesome musicians from all over the world and this year there will be lots participating from the Commonwealth. You will hear Pipes and Drums, the Bands of her Majesty’s Royal Marines, cultural troupes, singers and not forgetting the Lone Piper.

    Edinburgh puts on a number of festivals during the year too, dates to loom out for when planning your trip:
    Film festival 18-29 June
    Jazz and blues 18-27 July
    Art festival
    Fringe 1-25 August
    Storytelling 24 October – 2 November

    Edinburgh playhouse also has a number of shows, we took our friend to see the Rod Stewart one which was great and everyone was singing along to all the hits. A theatre of people singing ‘we are sailing’ was hilarious! If you are going and want to eat beforehand then boom a table as although there are loads of places to choose from they do get booked up!

    Our favourite places to eat were lunch in the Henderson cafe in St Johns, it serves vegetarian food, all homemade and very delicious. We had an evening meal at The Taste of Italy, excellent value, lively atmosphere and a choice of food to suit everyone.

    The weather on our trip was erratic as you can see from my photos but it really didn’t matter as there was such a lot to do whatever the weather!

    Have you been to Edinburgh before? What are your top tips and recommendations?


    While the Seaside Squad were having their well deserved winter break Seton Sands Holiday Village has been having quite a transformation! New for 2014 Seton Sands are proud to introduce you to their new beach theme restaurant, with every last detail  influenced from the coast around them, this even includes a real boat control!  Seton Sands is the perfect base for exploring all around the beach across for the park and Scotland’s capital Edinburgh.

    Come join the team in our new  restaurant at Seton Sands!

    Come join the team in our new restaurant at Seton Sands!