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    Owners End of Season Parties 2016!

    It’s been a fantastic season at Haven this year! Long days on the beach, fun in the pool, new Nature Rockz activities and fantastic entertainment, we really have had it all! As the season draws to a close, our owners gather on our parks for their end of season parties to really send the year out with a bang!

    Masquerade Ball – Golden Sands 

    Golden Sands welcomed around 900 owners to their party and boy did they dress to the 9’s! Suits, tuxedos, posh dresses and fancy masks and a stylish red and black sparkly venue to match. The night saw 4 fantastic bands play and a fabulous performance from their Glee Club. 


    Perished Pirate Party – Perran Sands

    Bit of a different theme for Perran Sands this year, they mixed Halloween with pirates and had a Perished Pirates End of Season Party. With more numbers than they’ve seen before, owners really got into the pirate theme and enjoyed comedy with Matt Edwards and live music from Sistercated, and of course the annual managers show which was the highlight of the evening.


    Nightmare Before Christmas – Church Farm

    Church Farm celebrated their season by having a Nightmare before Christmas themed party welcoming famous guests including X Factor star Steve Brookstein, comedian Herbie Adams, Kurtis Lee and even Father Christmas found the time to visit! Halloween Sing Along was also on the cards and a fantastic Christmas Special Show from the Seaside Squad!


    Party Weekend – Craig Tara

    Craig Tara had a whole weekend of fun this year with events taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! On Friday Wine Club was as popular as ever with owners enjoying a whole variety of red, white and rose wine which was topped off by some lovely singing from Neil our Owners Events Co-ordinator. Saturday saw a variety of music acts throughout the day and evening and fantastic entertainment from Ashley George who knew just how to keep the kids entertained. With tributes to Michael Buble and the Bee Gees, everyone was up dancing. The weekend finished off on Sunday with the Children’s Christmas Party. Puppets, fun and games, party dances and a visit from Santa all had the kids excited and ready for the Christmas season!


    What’s been your favourite moment of the season? Let us know in the comment section below!