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    Entertainment through the ages!

    What’s life without a stable diet of air punches and pelvic thrusts? Here at Haven we couldn’t bear to find out.

    Everyday our platoons of happy-go-lucky FunStars bounce around our parks sprinkling joy and cheer wherever they go. They are the epicentre of an attitude that catches, spreads that seeps through every cell. Happiness at Haven is infectious and we can owe that in part to our greatest ambassadors.

    As we’re currently in the middle of FunStar Bootcamp, a pilgrimage to Devon Cliffs taken by every FunStar in the land to embark on their training for the coming season, we thought we’d take a moment to recognise Haven entertainment through the years.

    Here are our FunStars in training!

    Here are our FunStars in training!

    They’ve not always been called the FunStars but our entertainment teams have always been forged from the same personalities, hard-working, all singing and all dancing and with a super-human breed of happiness that I for one am eager to find the key to, what do they eat for breakfast? Their lust for life astounds us all and this week is a celebration of their role here at Haven. Could you imagine your Holiday without them? No, neither could I.

    Every now and again we come across old photos, share them and reminisce and recently I’ve been putting them to one side so that you can too. So if you remember the olden days as fondly as I, know somebody who used to be a Haven Mate or even were one yourself, feel free to flick through these photos and recall our entertainment through the years…

    So in the beginning, there were the Haven Mates, wearing this uniform from 1988 – 1998:

    A HavenMate Pyramid!And who remembers when we were British Holidays? Here’s Bradley and the guys from Cala Gran.

    The old Cala Gran Gang

    The old Cala Gran Gang

    Wet look gel and a team that could easily double as a Pop band at The 2001 National Finals at Devon Cliffs.

    Smiles from Devon Cliffs!Very 90s Chic! Colours like this aren’t readily available or socially acceptable anymore sadly. These Jackets were in circulation from 1995 – 1998.


    I just came to say Yellow! and blue..and red..

    Remember seeing these? Perhaps you still have one!



    Or maybe you still have one of these? Adorning your wall or filed away, A Tiger Club certificate for being a roaring success!

    The winners certificate!Here’s the Haven Mates with their Manager at Blue Dolphin in 1992!

    Photo 17-02-2015 4 23 13 pm

    The Haven Mates

    Now these are very particular badges, we used to award these to Haven Mates for their years of service, if you’ve got one of these you probably know more about it than me!

    Pin badges!Now this is my favourite photo, the Uniform in action!

    Kessington Beach 2000A little bit more recent but still a Golden Oldie, here’s Tiger Time!

    Hafan Y Mor 2005.

    So there you have it (for now, I’ll keep collecting I promise). I’m sure some of these photos have brought a few old memories to the surface, and if they have, please share them, along with any of your photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we absolutely love seeing them! We might even include them in an even larger throwback blog in the coming months!

    What is your earliest memory of the FunStars? Where were you the first time you saw them perform?  We’d love to hear all about it in the comment section below!