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    Events at Haven – What does an OEC do?

    One of the best things about being an Owner at Haven is all the fun events you can go to but who plans all these amazing parties?
    Most of our Haven Parks have an Owners Event Co-ordinator who’s job it is to ensure all the owners are kept entertained!

    The events can vary from a Wine Club (very, very popular with our Owners!) to a day trip out.  All of the Owner events are tailored to each park, with the OEC’s taking on the feedback and giving our owners the best time.

    It takes a special sort of person to do this and that’s why we’ve asked a select few to let us know what it really takes to be an Owner Events Coordinator and how they ended up in the loving arms of Haven.

    First up we have Matthew from Wild Duck in Norfolk…

    My name is Mathew Styles and I currently work at the Wild Duck Holiday Park as the Owners Events Coordinator. 

    What did I do before?

    This is my first year in this position but this is not the first time for the company having worked on the entertainments team in 2013 at Perran Sands in Cornwall as a presenter and vocalist, and again at Perran Sands in 2009 as a Funstar and vocalist and a Funstar and vocalist at Seashore in Great Yarmouth in 2007.

    I have brought a lot of my experience from the cruise line industry. I have worked on them for four and a half years, working for such companies as Royal Caribbean and Disney cruise line with one of my highlights being chosen to work for the inaugural of the world’s largest cruise ship The Allure of the seas.
    I’ve worked for Canterbury Travels in Lapland helping Santa and I’ve worked for Butlin’s for four years starting as a Redcoat and then a puppeteer and presenter at Skegness and Bognor Regis.

    Toasty Tuesday!

    Toasty Tuesday!


    What are my duties?

    My normal weekly duties include creating posters and monthly what’s on guides for on park and monthly newsletters and 3 monthly calendars to be sent out by post. I update the owner’s website and facebook page daily so our owners know exactly what’s happening on park with the latest news .On top of all that I create and host fantastic events throughout the day and every Friday and Saturday night in the new owners lounge “The Barn” which will be changing its name to the “Merry Mallard Owners Lounge” chosen by our owners.

    Why do I love my job?

    I love my job, as I get to have fun with The Wild Duck family, bringing my creativeness and entertainment experience to the heart of the community. The highlight of my job is seeing the owners enjoying themselves at my events and making new friends.
    My job role now is a fun and important as I try and bring the community together by creating the best experience on park for owners of all age’s.
    I’m a kind of entertainments manager for the owners.

    Your least favourite part of the job?

    The least favourite part of my job has to be stuck behind a desk as I would like to give more of my time talking to owners and hosting more activities. I know it is just as important but it is one of those things you can’t do anything about as its part of the job.

    Wine Club

    Wine Club


    What three words would describe your job?

    The 3 words which would best describe the essential skill sets of an OEC to be successful is trustworthy, friendly and creative.

    Who comes to the events?

    I regularly get owners of all ages attend my events and activities and I have had a lot of feedback from owners saying that this year is the best year they have ever had at Wild Duck because of the new owners events which I have organised.
    The owners have made more friends and they have had a lot more fun. We get our regulars that come to the park all the time, and every week I get more new faces to attend, so the support and community is massive. This will only keep growing the more us as a park can provide these events and activities. 

    How do you think of all the events?

    Feedback is key. Feedback from owners about events is so important, without them giving feedback in the first place about previous years of lack of events I wouldn’t be here today. This  gives us a basic guide of things that our owners love to do and shows them that we are listening to them and that we care, so this will keep them happy and make them part of a community which they will never want to leave.

    Discovering Norfolk!

    Discovering Norfolk!


    What is your most popular events?

    It’s hard to choose but one of my weekly events which are always popular is “Toasty Tuesday”. Every Tuesday at 10am I put out two toasters, a tray of brown and white bread plus a selection of jams and other spreadable delights such as Marmite and peanut butter.
    The owners get to make their own toast and coffee or tea from our coffee machine which is all absolutely free, plus we have special owner’s mugs to put their coffee in. Some weeks our owners bring their own spreadable delights such as chocolate spread for everyone to enjoy. We talk about park news, up and coming events or basically have a good gossip about what’s been happening or going to happen that week. This is a great event which makes you feel like you’re part of the family here at the Wild Duck and you will go away feeling welcoming and also feel part of the community on park.

    Do you do any events off-park?

    We do loads but one that stands out is an activity which we did at the start of the season was called “Discovering Norfolk – A walk to Burgh Castle”. This was a great activity which was free as Burgh Castle is just 45 minutes walk away from the park. I and our new Park Ranger, Mike Wells, took a group to Burgh Castle by foot.
    We left park on a Sunday at 10am and got back on park at 12:30pm. The family loved the walk as it was something that they could do again by themselves and it is education, interesting and absolutely free as you can just walk there from park.
    Our park ranger was full of information such as showing us how to eat stinging nettles without stinging yourself which I can inform you that they actually taste rather nice. The walk is a beautiful one as you pass farm animals, wildlife, the Broads and of course the finish line “Burgh Castle” which is wonderful as you sit on the grass with a packed lunch and take in the history and spectacular views.


    Thanks Matt! We hope that gives you a bit of an insight into the hard work our parks to for our Owners. Plus! We will be asking some other parks and OEC’s what they get up to at their parks!