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    Touring and Camping: Family Activities

    Touring and camping is a fantastic way for the whole family to get back to nature. But what activities can you do to keep yourself and the kids entertained? Here are a couple of family camping activities that you can take with you on your next Touring and Camping trip with us!

    Sports Games

    Fancy a bit of healthy competition? Divide the family up into teams, and have a football tournament or a healthy spot of cricket! Stick Dad in goal and let the kids practice their football and pitching skills… There’s bound to be some laughs along the way.

    Wildlife Bingo

    Can you spot a fern tree or a birds nest? Keep your eyes peeled and play some Wildlife Bingo around our Touring and Camping sites. Not only does it get the family engaged and aware, but the kids can learn about what kind of animals and plants to expect in the great wilderness!

    Scavenger Hunt

    Who’s going to find a pine cone and a green leaf and a brown leaf and a spider web and a feather and round rock and a snail shell? The inquisitive children, of course! Set them on their way looking around the camping site for wildlife objects… whilst you sit down and have five minutes to take in the natural surroundings on our Haven parks – before the kids come bounding back to you again to show you what they’ve found.

    Card and Board Games

    A bit of rain never hurt anyone. However, if the kids want to be inside during a little drizzle, break out the board games and UNO to see their competitive streak shine through!

    BBQ Treats

    Is any camping trip complete without melting marshmallows on the fire? If you’re feeling adventurous and looking to try something a bit different, create a Campfire Cone! Just pop some tiny marshmallows and chocolate drops into an ice cream cone, wrap it up in tin foil and roast it over the BBQ for 5 -7 minutes. Et voilà! A delicious treat for the family crew.

    Cosy Hot Chocolate Time

    Pack your cosiest blankets and soft sleeping bags, and wrap yourself up when day turns to dusk. Accessorise it with a hot chocolate mixed with marshmallows! Something to warm yourself, and to round up a fun-filled day with the family.

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    Do you have any fun-filled touring and camping activities you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below!