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    Family Days Out in South Wales

    South Wales is known for its breath-taking castles and peaceful landscapes, but did you know there is so much more to discover once you scratch the surface?

    With its natural beauty, eclectic history and endless activities, South Wales is sure to capture the hearts of all who visit. Whether it is cycling along the Taff Trail or sampling the region’s illustrious arts scene, you are guaranteed a memorable family day out.

    Check out our favourite destinations in South Wales, below.

    Folly Farm

    Folly Farm is a must-see during your time in South Wales. A perfect place for quality family days out, you and your loved ones can enjoy the farm’s fascinating zoo and charming barn. The eight adventure play areas will also keep children of all ages entertained.

    Here you can expect to meet animals from all corners of the world. In this quiet area of South Wales you can find stately lions, adorable penguins, lolloping giraffes and more. Their Pride of Pembrokeshire lion reserve even won a silver award for Best Enclosure Design at the BIAZA Annual Zoo Awards in 2015.

    For a change of pace, why not try the farm’s vintage fairground? Complete with carousels and a giant Big Wheel, there is always plenty to do at Folly Farm.

    Vale of Rheidol Railway

    Take a nostalgic trip through South Wales on the Vale of Rheidol Railway. Jump aboard one of the century-old carriages and be swept away to a simpler time.

    Winding hillsides and rugged mountain scenery are a real treat for the eyes, with open fields and meadows the perfect backdrop for contemplative relaxation with the family. Open Summer Carriages provide a windows-down, wind-in-your-hair experience, while First Class Observation Saloons offer up special VIP treatment.

    Can you imagine anything more soothing than sidling along the majestic valleys of Wales? Historic, educational, and full of natural beauty, you will definitely need to bring a camera along on your visit!

    Caldey Island

    Situated on the stunning South Pembrokeshire coastline, Caldey Island offers unparalleled beauty – and it’s only a short boat trip from Tenby Harbour.

    You will find a vast array of tourist destinations on this picturesque island, including St David’s Church, Priory Beach, Caldey Abbey and C     aldey Island Lighthouse.

    Known as one of Britain’s ‘Holy Islands’, Caldey Island is home to many Cistercian monks who continue to practice their cheerful faith in the community. Be sure to book onto one of the weekly guided tours to experience the island in all of its awe-inspiring resplendence.

    Pembroke Castle

    A true wonder of Wales, Pembroke Castle is more than a pretty picture; it’s a statement of Pembrokeshire’s strong character and rich historical lineage.

    The castle is the largest privately owned castle in Wales, with every inch providing a new and exciting story to tell. For instance, did you know that Henry VII was born here in 1457? Visit the aptly named “Henry VII tower” for an historical experience you will never forget.

    Here, visitors can attend incredible music and cultural events, including the infamous Rock the Castle event which takes place every summer. The Christmas Market is also held at the castle every winter, so you and your family can enjoy Pembroke Castle any time of the year.

    Manor Wildlife Park

    Are you looking for a fun day out that knocks your family’s socks off? Manor Wildlife Park has the wow-factor in bucket loads.

    Spread over 52-acres, this park is situated at the north of the village of St Florence, with rhinos, giant rabbits, camels, gibbons and more, all eager to make your acquaintance.

    The park’s “zoonique walkthroughs” gives visitors the chance to wander amongst some of the world’s most exotic animals. Children can even be a keeper for the day, with the help of the park’s professional zookeeper.

    Think of the photographs you will capture, not to mention the life-long memories for your children: the first time of seeing a wallaby up close, or the first touch of a lemur, it all starts at Manor Wildlife Park.

    There is nowhere more ideal than a family break in South Wales. With beautiful scenery, educational activities and lots of opportunities for the kids to play, the only difficulty is knowing where to visit first!

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