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    A family trip to Seashore

    Ever wondered what a family holiday is like from somebody else’s point of view? Well our man in the field Jack Ashford is here you tell you all about his stay at Seashore in Norfolk.

    #MyHavenDays at Seashore Holiday Park – Great Yarmouth

    Recently me and my family went back to visit Seashore Holiday Park on Great Yarmouth’s ‘Golden Mile’. And I’m here to tell you what we got up to!

    Last time we visited Seashore we stayed for 4 nights and struggled to fit everything in so this time we stayed for 7 nights to make sure we could fit everything in that Norfolk had to offer!


    On Monday we woke up at 4:00 am and set off at 5:00 am to make sure we could make the most of our first day! The whole 6 hour journey we were full of excitement about our holiday ahead and curiosity for what our caravan would be like and where on park we will be! We were lucky enough to be able to check in earlier than we had originally thought which was great as that meant as soon as we unloaded the car we went straight down onto the beach to see if we could catch a seal having a swim in the sea! Our Caravan was right on the seafront so we had one of the best views on the entire park! We could even see Great Yarmouth in the distance!


    We got up bright and early to make sure we made the most of the day. We went into Hemsby and Scratby which are only a short drive away from park. We visited there as this is where my mum went on holiday when she was a child and she wanted to show me and my sister what it was like and to show us where about she stayed. We had a lovely meal in a pub called ‘The Lacon Arms’ (Which I highly recommend – We ordered starters for a light snack and we all thought they were main courses they were so big!) We had a stroll around and went into EVERY single shop – All thanks to mum although I did get some good magnets to add to the collection! We also had a quick mooch around Caister Holiday Park using our owners passes from Devon Cliffs and it is such a lovely park bursting full of activities to keep you busy for whatever weather – We are now very tempted to book Caister for our next holiday to Norfolk! Then after a jam packed day we went back to park and went to the Live Lounge to see the Seaside Squad.



    Yet another jam packed, fun filled day was to be had as today we were going into Great Yarmouth to look around more shops, and to go to the SEA LIFE Centre! The SEA LIFE Centre was brilliant! They had loads of different species, from baby sting rays to playful penguins it was very exciting to be able to get so close to the amazing creatures! After this we went for a stroll up the seafront (As it was a really lovely day) then we went up to the town centre to again look in some shops, where we all got some quirky souvenirs. And of course we had to have some fish and chips although we paid the price as we were being attacked by the pesky seagulls! We then had a stroll up Wellington Pier and purchased ice cream for the four of us! Then we went back to park to get ready to go to the Live Lounge!


    Our picture with Sealion

    This was by far my favourite day of the whole holiday as we went to the North East’s famous ‘Pleasurewood Hills’ family theme park. It was fantastic and if you are looking for a great family day out then I cannot recommend Pleasurewood Hills enough. The first ride we went on was the chairlifts and this was great because we could see the whole park so we looked around and decided what were going to do first! My mum took me on my first ‘loop-de-loop’ roller coaster and all I’m going to say on the matter is that I won’t be rushing on another for a while (if ever!). We also had lunch on the park and it was a monster of a meal – we were bursting at the seams! We also watched some great shows during the day – these were the sea-lion show, parrot show and the new for 2016 show of diving pirates which was really brilliant! And after yet another jam packed day we headed back to park for a walk along the beach and a relaxing night in the caravan.


    Today we had a bit more of a relaxing day as we stayed on park all day – but we weren’t short of things to do as Seashore is packed full of great activities! We all went on the pedal karts for an hour which was really good as we were able to go around the whole park to see what’s happening! After this we headed to the Live Lounge to see Rory’s Punch and Judy (You can’t go to Haven without seeing Rory’s Punch and Judy!) Then we headed back to the caravan to fill our bellies ready to go again for a quick swim in the pool, and a go on the Splashzone! After a lovely day on park we headed to the live lounge to see the Seaside Squad and a FunStar show.


    Not a lot happened on Saturday as we just had a chill day, so we strolled around park, had a couple of drinks in the Mash and Barrel also making the most of the free WiFi to catch up with what’s happening in the world! Then we headed back to the caravan to get ready for the evening ahead in the Live Lounge!


    Our last day at Seashore so we made the most of the day, so we got up early and headed straight into Great Yarmouth for a mooch around, to see what’s happening and a look in the shops again, if I got a pound for every shop we went into – honestly! We had a stroll up Wellington Pier again as it was another warm day. Then we headed back to park to get ready for a fun filled evening with the FunStars in the Live Lounge for our last night. FunStars GO! Live was great, we saw FunStars get soaked in one game which involved water balloons in a pass the parcel style game – it was hilarious!


    Our heading home day – it wasn’t all sad as we headed to the Mash and Barrel for Rise and Shine With The Seaside Squad where we were cheered up by Greedy the Gorilla who was being his normal mischievous self by lying down on the sofas, choosing what he wanted off the menu but nothing looked good to him as all he wanted was bananas – we also got a final holiday photo with him! After this we headed straight to the beach for one final walk along, and took some pictures to try and savour the gorgeous, golden beach! Then headed back to the car, handed the keys into Reception and thanked them for a great holiday then headed home!

    Although we managed to fit everything in and even had time for a couple of relaxed days – I wish the holiday was much, much longer. But to be honest I think that whenever I go on holiday to Haven but lets be fair who doesn’t!

    I would just like to finish by saying – Seashore was brilliant as always, Great Yarmouth was fabulous, the weather was awesome throughout the whole holiday and our caravan was right on the beach – What more could we have asked for!