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    FunStar Friday: Famous FunStar Faces

    Every year we hold a series of auditions up and down the country to find the very best talent to entertain you on our Haven parks the following season. From singers, dancers, presenters and events cast team we hunt around to find the best. But where do FunStars go next…?

    We love our FunStars and we know that you do too! So where do FunStars go when they leave? Some go on to other roles with Haven Holidays, working for our lovely Owner Services teams on parks or into support roles at Haven HQ. Others have gone on to work at other holiday companies, become live acts that tour around the country and we know one who has left the glitz of entertainment behind for a position working in a well known bank! Here are some of our previous FunStars (or HavenMates as they used to be known) that have hit superstar status and made it on to TV screens around the country.

    Dave Benson Phillips

    That’s right! Kids TV presenter and all round legend ‘DBP’ began his entertainment career right here at Haven. It was there he was spotted by the BBC and given the chance to appear in Playdays. In 1991 he was given his own TV show in the form of Get Your Own Back which ran for an impressive 12 years (and 190 episodes of gunge and fun!). “For me, it was invaluable” says Dave about his time working on holiday parks, “as an entertainer, it’s your job to make sure people have a good time. Their enjoyment depends on your very presence and the activities you put on for them. I learned a lot about performing and the art of working with people.”

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    Victoria Cook

    Any parents of CBBC fans might recognise Victoria, who plays Davina Wave in the BAFTA nominated show DNN (Definitely Not Newsround). She was a FunStar with Haven back in 2001, went on to write and perform in various sketch shows around the UK, won sketch writing competition Jesting About 2 in 2011 and recently has appeared in a variety of shows on CBBC, including DNN!

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    Chris Royal

    Singing sensation Chris was a FunStar at Caister in 2011 and this year starred in the BBC singing show The Voice. Ricky (of Kaiser Chiefs fame), Tom (Jones, Welsh singing extraordinaire!) and Kylie (the one and only Miss K Minogue) all pushed the magic button and turned their chairs around. Chris chose Ricky to be his coach and got through to the live shows although sadly was eliminated before the final. Check out his performance of ‘Smile’ here – major goosebump alert! He’s still gigging and hoping to make it as a musician.

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    Duncan James

    Yes indeed, dreamboat Duncan James, before he became ¼ of the boyband Blue was a Havenmate! Of his time working for Haven he has said it’s where he “really got his confidence” and learnt how to “work the room”. He has gone on to work some pretty enormous rooms with Blue including Wembley Arena! Check out what happened when Duncan and Rory were reunited on Richard and Judy:

    One of our past Entertainments Managers, Ross Eldergill, who now works at Haven HQ (on all things owner events amongst various other projects!) has said: “Being a holiday park entertainer builds character and really drives self esteem as well as a happy personality, it does help when you enter the ‘so called’ real world!!”. Here here!

    So there you have it, a handful of our famous FunStar faces – which of your favourite FunStars do you think are destined for the big time?