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    Top 5 Fireworks Displays around the UK

    Remember remember the 5th of November! I don’t know about you but Bonfire night is always one of my favourite nights of the year. Whether it’s making your own Guy Fawkes, taking to the garden with sparklers or watching a dazzling display of lights in the sky there are many ways to celebrate.

    Here is a guide to some of the best fireworks displays in the UK:

    Alexandra Palace – London 

    You can enjoy two days of fireworks at Alexandra Palace’s annual stunning display. With unrivalled views across London, where better to watch the sky light up? Arrive early to catch the incredible laser show before the fireworks, visit the funfair, have a go at ice skating or indulge in seasonal food and drink and raise a glass at the German beer festival.

    When: 4th November 9pm. 5th Novemeber: 8pm

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    Midsummer Common – Cambridge 

    Cambridge’s Bonfire Night is the largest fireworks display in eastern England, so it’s definitely not one to be missed if you’re in the area. And the best thing about it is that it’s free! Enjoy a community feel, a funfair, kid-friendly stalls, a bonfire and a spectacular display of fireworks.

    When: 5th November 7:30pm

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    Segedunum – Tyne and Wear 

    Enjoy a free fireworks display from 6:30pm at the exciting location of Segedunum Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall. Before the display, have a browse around the museum which has free entry from 4pm, where interactive displays will tell you all about the tale of the furthest reaches of the Roman Empire.

    When: 3rd November 6:30pm

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    Hopetoun House – South Queensferry, Scotland

    What better backdrop to watch the fireworks from than the magnificent 17th-century Hopetoun House. Watch the grand house light up as the fireworks take to the sky. You can also enjoy a huge bonfire and plenty of live entertainment before the display so be sure to turn up early!

    When: 7th November 6:30pm

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    Firework Fiesta – Peterborough 

    Peterborough’s firework fiesta is the biggest display in East Anglia and is in the top 10 displays in the UK so it’s definitely not one to miss out on! Arrive at Peterborough arena from 5pm for a huge funfair, food stalls, and fireworks that will have you staring at the sky in awe.

    When: 5th November 5 pm

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    What are you doing for Bonfire Night this year? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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