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    How to fly a kite

    Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height! After watching our ‘How to Make a Kite’ video check out these simple tips to make sure you have the most fun when playing with the kite whilst staying safe.

    Before Flying Your Kite:

    Check Wind –


    Make sure the wind is just right, not too windy but windy enough so you can get some good flying done! The perfect wind speed for flying a kite is about 5-25mph; you can test the wind by using a flag or a windsock.

    Check Weather –


    Always check the weather to make sure it’s safe conditions before flying a kite. Never fly a kite in rain or lightening as electricity will be attracted to the wet kite line.

    Check your space –

    open space

    The perfect place to fly your kite is in a big open area, the more room the better! Avoid built up or tree enclosed areas as they can effect the wind making it harder to control the kite. (Tip: Trees are also known as Kite eaters, they make kites pretty hard to retrieve). Also stay away from power lines, roads and airports as they are hazardous areas.

    How to fly your Kite –

    *A friend to help isn’t a necessity but it does make it a lot more fun!

    Step 1:

    Stand with your back to the wind and hold your kite up.

    hold up kite

    Step 2:

    Let out some of your line.


    Step 3:

    If the wind is good enough (**) your kite should fly away, put both hands on the handles and release some string, this will let the kite climb higher. To lower the kite, wrap the line back around the handles. Repeat this step until you find the perfect flying height where you can ride smoothly.


    Step 4:

    Make it interesting! Once you have mastered the basic flying steps why not learn some tricks? Make your kite dance across the sky swishing and swirling in the wind.


    (**) If the wind is weak then flying is easier with a buddy at hand. Have your friend hold up the kite downwind, wait for a gust and have them release. On release create tension in the string which should help the kite fly up. Then repeat Step 3.


    Have you been out flying a kite yet this year? Did you play with one at Haven? Let us know your top tips below!