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    Focus Week : Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

    Everyone is green-eyed with Envy at this parks grassy terrain. Burnham-on-sea is surrounded by trees making the park a peaceful place to be, but don’t panic if you like a little more excitement in your life, this park is only a stones throw away from a good ole’ fashioned seaside town!
    And if you staying at our Burnham beauty while you visit Somerset why not have a quick read of Haven’s top things to in the West Country?

    Grand Pier – Weston-Super-Mere

    Only 12 miles down the road is one of Britain’s most famous piers – Weston-Super-Mare’s Grand Pier. With an entrance fee of just £1 you really do get a lot for your money’s worth! There is thrilling rides for the most adventurous members of the family and a traditional Tea-Room for those that would rather sit back and relax. Plus there is events happening most months so why not see if one is happening when you’re on your break?

    Glastonbury Tor (source

    Glastonbury Tor (source

    Glastonbury Tor

    It may not have Dolly Parton performing there,  like the famous festival with the same name did but Glastonbury Tor does have some pretty impressive sights once you reach the top! It’s also described as one of the most spiritual sites in the country, famous for its calming effects on people who choose to walk around.

    Farmer’s Markets

    Take a piece of Somerset home with you by visiting one of the many local Farmer’s Markets that take place. Famous for its cheese and cider you can bring friends and family a present I’m sure they will enjoy!

    Wellington Carnival

    Wellington Carnival

    Carnival Season

    We know it seems like such a long way away but it would be a shame to write this blog and not mention the carnival’s Somerset is famous for! The carnival season kicks off on the 27th September with The Wellington Carnival where the streets will be blazed with colours, all inspired by the Gunpowder Plot of the 1600s. Fiesta, floats and fun – what more could you ask for!?

    Like always we’d love to know your top tips!