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    Focus Week – Filming at Caister

    We really are spoilt here at Haven HQ! Someone had to travel to our Caister park in Norfolk to film the new videos with our Funstars and with a lot of persuading we packed our bags (actually that’s a lie – we jumped at the chance!) The ‘we’ in question was myself and Madi, as well as Marcus from the Studio. It was our mission to film some exciting videos for our Haven Holidays YouTube Channel and Caister, with its beautiful golden beach, beautiful surroundings and more than entertaining entertainments team, was the perfect option!

    As our HQ is in Hemel Hempstead, Caister is a about a three hour drive away so this meant an early start and coffee at the ready!

    When we are feeling a little bit more alive, travelling to the parks is the perfect time to double – check the schedule and make sure we all know what content we are hoping to capture.

    10.00am (Actually we are telling a little porky – it was 10.10am when we arrived at the complex but shhh)
    Finally arrive at the Park! With the sun shining Caister really did look a bobby dazzler, especially the infamous Caister flower-pot boat at the entrance. It’s a shame we were on such a tight schedule as we could have spent all day just wondering around the park!
    We took the short walk to the complex area so we (Marcus) can start to set up all the equipment needed, and soon the complex starts to look like a film set! It’s also the time when we finalise what lighting works the best, as well as which order it should be shot in.

    15-04-2014 11-01-24
    Meeting the Funstars! This is properly one of the most exciting bits – we finally get to meet the stars of the shows! We all know how much you lot love the Funstars and just 5 minutes with the team from Caister and we completely understand why! Carrie (the wonderful Entertainment Manager at Caister) introduced us to Wayne, Sophie and Steph who were specially selected to help us create one of our most exciting videos to date! We briefed the team on what we wanted from the shoot and then its LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!! One of the reasons we choose to shoot at Caister was not only for the talented team but also to show off the show bar we have there, including our sun-lights in the roof! Sunlights in the roof I hear you say? What’s so exciting about that?
    Well instead of using artificial lights in our roof we use the natural glow to light our show bar – it’s chic to be green you know.

    As our Funstars are so professional we had wrapped up the first video in under 2 hours and already started work on our second masterpiece! As we want to be full of surprises, all we will let you know for now is that you will not be disappointed!

    Filming is also a fun way to keep our Haven fans updated on what is happening on parks , including a BBC Children in Need update. Haven are proud to be sponsors of BBC Children in Need for a third year running and we have so many exciting events hoping to take place this year, so please do keep your eyes peeled! Why BBC Children in Need I hear you ask? We choose to work with BBC Children in Need because they help thousands of local charities up and down the country, many that are local to our parks. Last year we raised a massive £240,018 – we need your help to smash last year’s amount!

    15-04-2014 11-01-40
    Break time! Caister has so much choice when it comes to where to feed your family, including a Traditional Fish and Chip restaurant (strongly recommended by the owners at Caister), a Papa John’s Delivery service that will actually deliver to your caravan and our Caister is also lucky enough to have bar and restaurant terrace that overlooks a grassy play area. This means you can still supervise the kids while relaxing – now where is that wine?
    Of course as well sadly was at Caister for work not play, this just meant a quick working lunch with a quick stop at the Spar (found on all sites) Caister’s Spar was a pleasant surprise, with shelves stocked high of lovely treat, including a section of hot pies and pastry’s – a Yorkshire girls dream!

    After re-fuelling it was time to split up the team to make sure we could capture as much of Caister as possible! Madi and Marcus headed down to the beach with many Funstars and a special guest in tow, while I headed towards the Owners reception to ask the semi-locals what holidaying at Caister was really like – including some top tips!
    Madi had the very special task of trying to control three Funstars and one cheeky DJ Ned down on the beach – I know who got the easier job!
    We honestly can’t wait to show you all the footage we shot, it was amazing to see how proud Owners, Holiday-Makers and Staff spoke of their beloved Caister.

    Home time! After a brief but beautiful insight into Caister it was time to set home. We would like to say a massive thank-you to everyone at Caister who truly bent over backwards to make our visit and task so much fun! In particular our wonderful Funstars, Wayne, Sophie and Steph and their entertainment Manager Carrie. Wayne even gave up his day off to help us and we didn’t stop laughing all day because of him! (We were laughing with him not at him promise!)We’d also like to thank Gill from the owner’s team for being such a star, and to all the owners who took part in the video – we will make you famous I promise!

    Have you been to Caister before and would you like to tell us your top tips? Let us know in the comments below!