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    Focus Week : Craig Tara

    Hello, we’re Nathan and Rachel and you may recognise our names from our Haven Holidays Twitter account, Facebook or maybe Instagram as we are part of the Haven Social Team. Part of our job is helping our Haven fans find out as much as they can about our parks. To do this we focus on one of our parks each week but putting one park in the spotlight can be something of a daunting task, there’s so much to do on each, where do you even start? This week it was Craig Tara’s turn and I must confess I got a little help! There’s nobody that knows the parks better than the Seaside Squad! I asked them to choose their favourite thing in Craig Tara and they were even kind enough to explain to me the reasons why they loved it so much!

    Rory loves Archery!

    Did you know that Tigers have very good eyesight? We got an education in just how good when Rory, smile on face and twinkle in eye, hit the bullseye 5 times in a row( Well that’s how he tells the story – I personally have never seen this)  After enduring the victory dance that followed, we asked him how often he practices, apparently not as much as you’d think!

    24-04-2014 10-55-05

    Ned loves Golf!

    Scotland known for its great Golf, beautiful views, clean fresh air.
    I’ve never seen Ned stand still for this long, the concentration in his face! We have indoor, outdoor and 9 hole golf – he’s never been more spoilt for choice!

    24-04-2014 10-55-42

    Anxious loves the Climbing Wall!

    Airspace indoor sports complex. Can you reach the top? Learned with our fully trained instructors and beat her phobia of heights!
    Now I know what you’re thinking, an elephant climbing? Surely not? But what I didn’t realise is and what Anxious was keen to show was that her trunk acts an arm!

    24-04-2014 10-54-29

    Greedy loves the Play Area

    We all know that Gorillas like to climb and swing, Greedy’s no exception!
    Greedy can swing, jump, roll and play, whilst at the same time making friends with everybody else that has come to visit the play area.

    24-04-2014 10-55-24

    They all love Laser Combat!

    All-time group favourite! Forget paintball, Rory and Bradley hate having to brush paint out of their fur – mess-free, pain-free, fun for the family! What a great way to show off your stealth, your cunning, and your brilliant war strategies – though the Seaside Squad needs to watch out for Naughty Ned, he’ll get you while you’re not looking! Happy Zapping!

    I don’t know about you, but after a fun day like that the Seaside Squad is always starving and Rory is too tired to cook; besides… nobody wants to wash up! At The Brigs of Ayr the group can relax, kick back and enjoy the stunning sea views – while someone else does all the hard work!

    What are your favourite activities at Haven Holidays? Let us know in the comments below!