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Focus Week: Kiln Park, Tenby

Oh Kiln Park, you welsh wonder! Located in the Pembrokeshire  Coast National Park, this park is perfect for people who want to get back to nature.  We already know how beautiful this park but do you really want to hear us talk about it? Of course you don’t! So we asked Ben, our work experience student, to research further into the Southern Bell and there is to do while staying here.

Want to just kick back, relax and think about life for an hour or two? Or maybe you want to play some sport with the kids – beach volleyball anyone?
If so you’re in luck, right next to the park there is a blue flag beach that stretches over a mile long. It’s great for a long romantic walk with your partner.
Or maybe, it’s getting late, you’re tired, wanting to go to bed, but the kids are on a mad sugar rush, on their 2nd bar of chocolate, finishing their 3rd fizzy drink! If so send them onto the beach, bring a ball, play a bit of footy, or maybe just let them run in a circle until they get worn out. Whatever you choose to do there is enough space on one mile  beach just next-door.

You may be wondering – what can I do outside the park?
You might like to do a bit of racing? But it’s not racing cars, not even bikes. Go-karts? – Nope. Not far away from the park there is a place called ‘Makin Tracks’, where you can race segways! Yes, segways! This is perfect for any of the speed demons out there! And let’s be honest, segways are pretty cool!

Makin’ Tracks (source

Feeling a bit historic? Why not visit the Tudor Merchants house? Here you can learn about the Tudors, how they used to live, and what they used to do for entertainment. (Maybe they had a haven back then?) This opportunity is an educational experience that would guarantee you learning something new.


Maybe you are feeling a bit historic but aren’t really in a Tudor sort of mood? If so the Carew Castle provides astonishing views and is an example of brilliant architecture.  A great day out with the kids and if you bring a picnic you can save your left over bread to feed the ducks.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if dinosaurs were still alive? Well, wait no-longer! The dinosaur park is an ideal place to bring the kids and look at what life would really be like with the prehistoric beasts. And all the atmospheric noises give a real sense of being in the prehistoric world.

These are just the top tips Ben found – what would you suggest?