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    Focus Week : Littlesea, Dorset

    If you are stopping with us at Littlesea in Weymouth, there are boundless things to do and see while you are here. Although I could list at least fifty, a good round-up of the top 5 never goes a miss.


    My personal favourite has to be Sandworld. With incredible sculptures ranging from characters out of Lord of the Rings to Alice in Wonderland, and our all-time British favourite, Doctor Who, not only will it dazzle and amaze, but might even inspire you to try and create your own sandy portfolio. Any excuse to hit the beach with me really. It is fun for the whole family and never fails to impress.

    What a Masterpiece! See more at Sandworld (source

    What a Masterpiece! See more at Sandworld (source

    Sealife Centre

    In at number two of things to do, is Weymouth Sea Life Centre. The incredible range of sea life is set to astound. You can get lost in the fun here for the better part of a day. With tickets to the Sea Life tower included, it is a must-see while you are here.

    Northe Fort

    Northe Fort is an unexpected little gem and definitely worth a stop while you are here. The underground bunkers and war memorabilia make this a great place for kids and adults alike. You can wander around for hours and won’t be bored for a minute. There is a great cafe inside with a wonderful menu, which is an extra bonus to this underrated tourist attraction.

    Bennetts Water Gardens (

    Bennetts Water Gardens (

    Bennetts Water Gardens

    For a somewhat more relaxing afternoon, but by no means any less extraordinary, I suggest a trip out to the Bennetts Water Gardens. It is set over 8 acres and holds the National Plant collection of water lilies, which flower between the months of May and September. This is a fantastic opportunity for the artists among you, who wish to look upon this enchanting site and maybe crack out the canvas and oil paints.

    Weymouth beach

    Sadly we have arrived at number 5, and a classic it may be, but you cannot miss a day out at Weymouth beach. It is beautifully clean, and there seem to be a never-ending array of shops cafes, pubs and restaurants. You will most certainly not be disappointed with your seaside destination.
    There are still a many number of things you can do while in Weymouth, but these all came highly recommended to me, and I was not disappointed by one. If you are looking for an active weekend, a sit back and relax kind of holiday or a combination of both, you will be delighted with all Weymouth has to offer.

    Are these your top five Dorest wonders? Let us know in the comments below!