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    Focus Week : Perran Sands, Perranporth.

    Ahh Perran Sands you little beauty you! Placed among the high dunes, this park truly is one of a kind with it’s perfect sunbathing spots, movie-like Sunsets and two-mile sandy beach below it’s easy to see why you may not want to leave the park at all…Johnny has still counted down some of the top things to do just in case your feeling adventurous!

    St Agnes Heritage Coast

    A 20minute drive from our holiday park you will find the breath taking St.Agnes Heritage Coast. The area is recognised as a World Heritage site and you will find plenty on offer for all the family. You can enjoy the great outdoors with opportunities to walk; surf, swim, cycle, skate and horse-ride, or the chance to just breathe deeply and enjoy and the wonderful natural surroundings. One of the walks takes you from the old mining village to the top of St Agnes Beacon! This is a prominent landmark with outstanding views, which then allows you to descend to the coast at the little cove of Chapel Porth.


    St Agnes Coast (source

    St Agnes Coast (source

    Mobius Kite school and Bike trials

    If you are looking to be more adventurous then you need look no further! Whether you have never flown a kite before need help taking your kite skills up a level, or could do with an expert casting their eye over your technique. And even better price start from just £15! Why not also try some mountain biking, Mobius offer an unrivalled level of service and bike hire is included!


    Holywell Bay Fun Park

    This wonderful fun park has 25 rides and attractions and it is less than 15mins away! Even better is that it is free entry and free parking at Holywell Bay Fun Park. You can try out the Adventure Golf, Battle Boats, F1 Go Karts, Hillbilly Shooting Range, Water Walkers and much more! You can buy all day wrist bands for the attractions or there is a ‘play as you go’ option!


    Newquay Zoo

    Under 15 minutes away you will find the lovely seaside town of Newquay which has one of Britain’s best zoos! The zoo is open all year round and looks after around 130 species, including lions, meercats, penguins and ring-tailed lemurs! If you are really interested in find out more about how a zoo works you can also sign up to be a zookeeper for a day for £65.


    Tintagel Castle (source

    Tintagel Castle (source


    Here you will find out more about the legendary King Arthur! These 12th-century ruins are rumoured to have been his birthplace. Tintagel is  dramatically sited with coastal views that are truly magnificent. With a history stretching as far back as the Romans, Tintagel Castle is one of the most iconic visitor attractions in the England. History is brought to life for families through fantastic events throughout the year and during winter; this is an ideal spot for a coastal walk. We recommend visiting early or late to miss the coach tours.

    Last but not least…

    Cornwall is perhaps best known for its pasties and savoury bakes! Historically pasties have had a variety of different fillings but today’s pasties usually contain beef steak, onion, swede potato, salt and white pepper – a delicious combination! Whilst you are in Cornwall you definitely have to make sure that you make time for some Cornish pasties especially if you can couple them with the fantastic views.