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    Focus week : Riviere Sands, Cornwall.

    This week we’re visiting our radiant Riviere Sands park in Hayle so that means we’re going crazy for Cornwall!

    Paradise Park

    If you love birds, which means you must love tweeting, and tropical surroundings then head on down to Paradise Park especially as it is under 10minutes from your front door. With over 140 species the whole family have the chance to meet hundreds of colourful birds including beautiful rare parrots, flamingos, toucans and kookaburras. Alongside this, there is an indoor play centre, free bird shows, and a chance to feed the parrots. I will definitely be taking a trip here on my next voyage to Cornwall!


    St Michael’s Mount

    Around two thousand years ago the first ships sailed into the Mount’s harbour to bring Cornish tin to the rest of Europe; nowadays it is the destination for the perfect family day out! You can either choose to leave the mainland behind on foot or by boat. Take your family on a voyage around this award-winning historic island by following in the footsteps of the mythical giant that used to live there.  Of course, you definitely have to let me know if you see a giant!


    Orca Sea Safaris

    This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you definitely do not want to miss out on, it is slightly more expensive than the other activities I have found but you will want to splash out for this experience. With prices starting at around £26 Orca Sea Safaris it is quite a pricey day, however, with every ticket you do get free entry to National Maritime Museum so that does make the cost seem more bearable!

    St Michaels Mount (source

    St Michaels Mount (source


    Have you found some other things people must do when visiting Hayle? Let us know in the comments below!