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Focus Week : Wild Duck, Norfolk.

This week we will be focusing a park that has a more ‘woodier’ (is that a word!?) feel to it.. Wild Duck of course! Hidden away amoungst the trees, our Wild Duck park is one of kind. But what is there to do in the area? Well lucky for you we have weekly round-up of top things to do while staying at Haven!

Our Norfolk Boards park is mostly flat, making it perfect for every family to get around, as well the more active members if they fancy a bike ride.
I suppose you’d also like to know how we get the name ‘Wild Duck’? Of course the woodland that surrounds us gives a earthly feel which makes up the first part of the name and the duck part? Well that’s because we have special crossings around the park just for our duck friends! We also have fencing around the parks that have been designed to let other wildlife, such as hedgehogs and squirrels in.

Herbert Woods
As the weather is picking its self up slightly why not make the most of it and set sail?
Herbert Woods is the newest member of the National Park – why not discover the Boards in a boat! You can hire the day boats at a reasonable price, for up to eight people or you can peacefully paddle through the undisturbed waters of the National Park in their Canadian Canoes which seat up to three people.

Herbert Woods (source

Herbert Woods (source

Ludham Festival
Missed out on Glastonbury tickets? Ahh don’t worry about it…Norfolk have the answer! Come join in the musical Fun at The Ludham Festival this summer. Running until the 20th September, you can enjoy a selection of music with the River Ant as the background to the event. See the full programme here. Almost as good as Dolly Parton…almost.

Wells next the sea
Now don’t be fooled, we know the name would give the impression that this coastal area is close to open water – yet it is a good mile or so away! However it is a lovely historic Tudor Town and is perfect for exploring the surrounding coastline and harbours. The town divides into the three distinct areas, Buttlands, Staithe Street and Quay and harbour – three towns for the price of one!

Wells next the Sea (source

Wells next the Sea (source

Yesterdays World
You’ve already traveled to Norfolk, why not travel all the way back to the 15th Century? With five floors full to brim of history Yestersday’s world is fun for all the family. You can meet all of Henry VIII ‘s wives and then dine in their famous Victorian themed Tea Room that over looks the seafront.

Sticky Earth Ceramic Cafe
Instead of buying your souvenir – why not paint it?! Sticky Earth Ceramic Cafe have a wide variety of mugs, plates, bowls and animal figures for you to make your own.  All you have to do is paint your own design and then the friendly staff will glaze and fire your master piece!

This are our top tips – what are yours?