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    The best food and drink spots along the UK coastline

    Live like a local with our handy guide to the best places to eat and drink around our stunning UK coastline.

    We’ve been heading around the country filming our 48 hour guides and we’ve stumbled across some hidden gems. Here’s a round-up of the best places to eat and drink…


    If you’re feeling peckish…

    Lobster Shack, North Berwick

    @havenjohnny enjoying The Lobster Shack

    @havenjohnny enjoying The Lobster Shack

    A lovely little seaside shack offering you the freshest seafood served up right on the harbour. You can sample beautiful lobster, succulent langoustine, sweet crab, meaty mussels and line-caught mackerel; perfect to have overlooking the harbour.


    If you’re feeling peckish…

    The Treehouse Restaurant, Alnwick

    Trees grow through the floor, fairy lights guide the way to your tables and only locally inspired food can be found in the magical and unique restaurant. As you may have guessed from the name, it is a restaurant built-in the treetops but it’s much more than that. If you’re in to your fairy-tales this is the place for you.

    If you’re feeling thirsty…

    The Dirty Bottles, Alnwick

    The Dirty Bottles, or as the locals would say “Thi Dorty Bottles” nearly wasn’t on our list as it was close to being turned into flats. However local, Mark Jones, has given the 200 year old pub a dramatic makeover. Enjoy self-serving beer pumps, tasting walls and ordering booths – one of its kind in the North of England!  Whatever you do, don’t touch The Bottles in the window


    If you’re feeling peckish…

    Tiny Tim’s Tearoom, Canterbury

    If you’re feeling thirsty…

    Shepherd Neame, Faversham

    Visit Britain’s Oldest Brewer and see how the world’s third most popular drink (after water and tea) is made. We are of course talking about Beer. The Brewery has officially been up and running since 1698 but there is evidence that it’s heritage could pre-date this period.


    If you’re feeling peckish…

    The Upwey Wishing Well, Weymouth

    wishing well

    The Upwey Wishing Well, the home of cakes, cucumber sandwiches and incredible gardens.

    Enjoy home-made food while sitting in one of the prettiest outdoor areas in Dorset. Work off the delicious treats while exploring the gardens and visiting the famous Wishing Well.


    If you’re feeling peckish…

    South Beach Cafe, Exmouth

    Enjoy these views (while maybe enjoying a drink or two)

    Enjoy these views (while maybe enjoying a drink or two)

    From the sea to plate in 24 hours, that’s what South Beach Cafe in Exmouth promises about their fish dishes. If fish isn’t floating your boat, there is choices for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Or skip your main meal and devour the whole dessert menu.


    If you’re feeling peckish…

    Portminster Kitchen, St Ives

    A light, refreshing meal over looking St Ives Harbour – what isn’t to love about this scene? Local ingredients and creative cooking is a guarantee at Portminster Kitchen.

    If you’re feeling thirsty…

    Healey’ Cornish Cyder Farm, Truro

    Find out the in-cider scoop at Healeys Cyder Farm.

    Find out the in-cider scoop at Healeys Cyder Farm.

    A family run business that produces some of the best cider around, as well as some different and unique drinks. Take the tour and see how the humble apple can make such a perfect summer drink.

    North Wales

    If you’re feeling peckish…

    The Big Rock Cafe, Portmadog

    The Big Rock Cafe may soon be your home from home...

    The Big Rock Cafe may soon be your home from home…

    One of the quirkiest cafes around! You’ll soon feel right at home with the front room setting, baked on site bread and the DIY signs, that you’ll never want to leave.

    If you’re feeling thirsty…

    Purple Moose Brewery, Portmadog

    It's the real ale.

    It’s the real deal.

    Brewed in the gateway of Snowdonia, Portmadog, Purple Moose real ale is a treat for your taste buds! Have tour around the brewery before taking home some award-winning ale, including ‘Dark Side of the Moose’.

    Have we tickled your taste buds or quenched your thirst?
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