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    Four reasons to visit to Haven in March

    The countdown begins… it’s now only a couple of weeks now until parks open for 2019, and we thought we’d give you our top four reasons to visit Haven in March!

    The Beginning of Spring

    It’s that wonderful time of year again, when the sun is making more of an appearance and the flowers are starting to creep out of the ground. Spring is coming, and it’s the perfect time to venture out to the coast for that crisp, fresh morning air. Since most of our parks are next to the sea, you’ll get some beautiful views as the seasons change and everything starts to look more green. So stop to smell the flowers along our great British coastline!

    Relaxing and Quiet

    While the big kids are at school, take your tots away on a little adventure of their own! There will be plenty of engaging activities for your little ones, including Anxious’ Tot-sy Turvy and Sensory Tots. Otherwise, get away for a quiet holiday with your other half, and take a walk along the beach or venture out and about around the local area to our parks.

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    Nature Watch

    A change of season also means a change in wildlife, and with so many animals, creatures and plants growing and developing we think it’s a great time to explore springtime nature during March on the coast of the UK. The flowers are in bloom; the birds are nesting and the sun is making a more frequent appearance over the coming months, so why not try something different for spring? Head over to our parks and do some nature watching!

    Mothers Day

    Mum… She’s a superhero isn’t she? She deserves the best this Mother’s Day, so go the extra mile in March and spend some time at our Haven parks relaxing and taking a break from the everyday. Not only will Mum get the well deserved break, but the whole family gets to go on holiday together too!


    Are you visiting our parks in March? Let us know in the comments below!