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    Fun Things to do in Cornwall

    Cornwall is a paradise of golden sand, emerald water and boundless natural beauty. Holidaymakers flock here seeking the sun, sea and surf, but there is more to this county than meets the eye.

    Cornwall is full of great things for the whole family to do, from adrenaline-fueled water sports to exciting adventures on dry land. Here are just a few of our favourites – you’re sure to find yours, too!

    Scream your heart out at a theme park

    Flambards theme park is a world of thrills and spills. See Cornwall from up high on the Sky Swinger carousel and journey into the unknown aboard Space Race. Step back in time on the Dinosaur Express, where you’ll meet ancient giants like the stegosaurus and ‘tyrant lizard king’, tyrannosaurus rex. There’s something for each and every family member, including a slice of history. It isn’t every day you get to walk the cobbled streets of a Victorian village!

    Flambards theme park is 12.4 miles from Haven Riviere Sands, by car.

    Have a swash-buckling adventure

    Shiver me timbers, you can’t get more exciting than Pirate’s Quest! Journey into Cornwall’s swash-buckling past at this immersive experience. Escape a shipwreck with a merry band of buccaneers before fleeing through mystical caves and murky, 18th century streets. Everything you see, smell, touch and hear will be straight out of the days of piracy. You may even encounter some smugglers along the way.

    Pirate’s Quest is 8.3 miles from Haven Perran Sands, by car.

    Discover your zen at a Japanese garden

    Even the most unruly children won’t be able to resist the tranquil charms of Cornwall’s Japanese Garden. Natural beauty marries art to create a spectacular scene that you can’t help but fall in love with. Alongside famous Japanese blooms like azaleas, rhododendrons and, of course, blossom, you’ll find traditional design features designed to bring harmony and balance. We’re relaxing just thinking about it!

    The Japanese Garden is 13.3 miles from Haven Perran Sands, by car.

    Take to the water in a kayak

    Cornwall might be best known for surfing, but there is a lesser-known water sport taking place along the county’s peaceful waterways. Koru Kayaking hosts exciting kayaking tours for the whole family, taking in stretches of water like Frenchman’s Creek and the dramatic North Coast of Cornwall. You can even explore the colourful caves carved out by miners during the Poldark era. On sunny days, you can even abandon your kayaks on a secluded beach and swim out into the ocean.

    Koru Kayaking is based just 5.7 miles from Haven Perran Sands, by car.

    Strike it lucky at the lanes

    Your regular game of bowling, this isn’t! Rather than the ten-pin bowling we’re more familiar with, Country Skittles offers more traditional (and in our opinion, much more challenging!) nine-pin skittles. With shorter lanes, a different pin formation and no barriers, who knows what the score will be? And if a game of skittles wasn’t enough, you can even shoot some pool, play giant draughts and indulge in a spot of American-inspired grub.

    Country Skittles is just 5.4 miles from Haven Riviere Sands, by car.

    Go 20,000 leagues under the sea

    Well, maybe not quite so far, but the creatures you’ll see at Blue Reef Aquarium are just as fascinating as any deep-sea beastie. Exotic dwarf caiman peer slyly above the water in their rainforest habitat, graceful loggerhead turtles sweep through the water as if it was air and blacktip reef sharks patrol their domain. You can even see a true wonder of nature, the giant octopus: a highly intelligent creature with three hearts and a brain the shape of a doughnut!

    Blue Reef Aquarium is 8.9 miles from Haven Perran Sands, by car.

    Get back to nature at the Eden Project

    The Eden Project is a true tropical paradise. Whether your family is captivated by the rainforest, potty about plants or craving an adrenaline rush, there is something to capture your imagination. Enter the huge Rainforest Biome and walk among 1,000 species of plant, or simply take in the view from the canopy walkway. The Mediterranean biome is bursting with tulips, citrus fruits and aloe vera plants, while the outdoor gardens even include an area devoted to Cornwall’s own flora and fauna. Did we mention that the Eden Project also includes the fastest zip wire in the UK?

    The Eden Project is 25.4 miles from Haven Perran Sands, by car.

    Step back into history on-board a steam train

    Hopping on-board a miniature steam train is an experience your family will never forget, especially when that steam train takes in the beautiful Cornish countryside. And it isn’t just the train ride you can enjoy at Lappa Valley. You’ll also find crazy golf, nature trails and a fun-filled canoeing lake, not to mention the Carriage Café – what could be better than cream tea and cake between activities?

    Lappa Valley is 23.1 miles from Haven Riviere Sands, by car.

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