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    Fun things to do with your tots on the beach!

    There’s nothing quite like visiting a beach when summer arrives, but when you’ve got a tot there’s far more to do than sunbathing and going for a paddle!

    Story time

    It’s simple, but not only will your child love it, they’ll be learning at the same time!

    Noughts and crosses

    A pen and paper favourite made even more fun by playing it in the sand! It’s just so simple.

    Search for seashells

    Who knows what your little one might find when they go on a hunt in the sand for some special shells! Maybe they’ll even be able to hear the sound of the sea by putting one to their ear…

    Sand and shell art

    Once they’ve collected lots of shells, making a nice collage or picture in the sand out of what you’ve found is a great way to get your youngster to feel creative!

    Build a moat

    This was a personal favourite of mine as a kid (and now)! Once you’ve built your sandcastle, why not make it feel a little more grand by digging a moat around it? Then dig a path to the sea and watch the water flow in!

    Treat yourself to a holiday by the seaside

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    Fly a kite

    It’s a classic but there’s something about kite flying that will never get old!

    Musical towels

    Everybody loves a game of musical chairs, but you can seaside it up a little bit by playing it with towels. Just play some music on your phone, place some towels in a circle and off you go!

    Sea relay

    Why not have a race? Have two empty buckets on the beach and give each child a cup (or a smaller bucket) so they have to run to the sea, put water in their cup, run back and see who can fill their bucket the quickest! if you just have one child you could always join in!

    What are your favourite things to do with your tots at the seaside? Let us know in the comments section below!

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