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FunStar Auditions!

We’re on the hunt again for the next big thing! Do you think you could keep our Haven guests and owners entertained? If the answer is YES then we’d love to meet you!

Holiday parks are the launching pad for many a famous face including Duncan from Blue, Steve Mulhern, Shane Ritchie, Bradley Walsh, Bobby Davro and Lisa Scot-lee are just some of the many who have stars who worked as an entertainer on a holiday park!

Haven holidays are the largest UK operator entertain over 3 million guests and owners during a 34 week season across their 35 UK family holiday parks.

Steve Donnelly head of entertainment said, “We want dynamic young cast members who can, aside from performing, interact meaningfully with our guests”.

So if you’ve think you’ve got what it takes to be a Haven Funstar and are over 18 years of age then get yourself along to one of their auditions.

We are looking for singers, dancers, presenters and events cast and if successful your contract will start January/February.

Auditions are taking place on

7 January – Norwich, The Garage, 14 Chapel Field North,

8 January – Bristol,  St George’s, Bristol, Great George Street

9 January- Rotherham, The Corner Space, 22 Greasbrough Road

10 January – Manchester, The Hive, 51 Lever St


For more information on audition process and songs you must prepare  hop on over to or follow our offical FunStar twitter account @funstarsgolive

  • Theresa

    Hello, I wanted to audition to be a funstar in the future, but I cannot sing and can only dance to party dances. Are there any other parts I can play in the funstars cast? Thank you 🙂 x

    • Hey Theresa 🙂

      It’s great you want to audition! You don’t need to to be able to sing to be a dancer or to be part of the events cast 🙂 If you visit it will have everything you need to know!

      Good Luck!

  • Alicia

    if you audition for a dancer will you still have to sing at the audition? Are you allowed to bring someone along with you to the audition aswell or not? Thanks:)

    • Hey Alicia 🙂

      You won’t have to sing if your just wanting to be a dancer 🙂 You can bring someone to the audition but we want to see you shine all on your own so ask that they drop you off and come meet you at the end of the audition – hope this helps and good luck!

  • Georgia Day

    Hi, my name is Georgia, I am 16 years old, but I turn 17 in June so when I turn 18 next year in June would I be able to audition to be a Fabulous Funstar? Also do you need experience to be a Funstar because, I have been dancing since I was 9 and I have been doing Performing Arts since I was 11. I went to college when I was 15 as an early college transfer and did Performing Arts for a year, I had to do a singing, dancing and acting audition for a performance at college and successfully got one of the main parts with a solo singing role and a solo dancing role! But sadly came out with no grade as I didn’t finish my coursework on time! But hopefully I don’t have to do exams to become a Funstar! A reply would be much appreciated as I am raring to find out!

    • Hey Georgia 🙂

      As long as you are 18 when the season starts that’s great 🙂

      You only have to audition to become a FunStar so fingers crossed for you! If you have any other FunStar related questions tweet @FunStarsgolive who will have all the answers 🙂