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FunStar Auditions!

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a FunStar why not come along to our FunStar auditions!Forget X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent auditions now’s the time to audition for Haven holidays. We’re looking for talented performers for our 2015 season!
If you are 18 or over this could be just the opportunity you’re looking for! 

Do you think you could be part of a team that entertain over 3 million guests and owners during a 34 week season at one of our 35 UK family holiday parks?
You will be needed from January/February 2015 till November and your role will include taking part in daytime staged events. 

Is this your dream job? Auditions to be FunStar are next week!

Is this your dream job? Auditions to be FunStar are next week!

Steve Donnelly head of entertainment said, “The days of jazz hands and sparkly frocks are gone for Haven. We want dynamic young cast members who can, aside from performing, interact meaningfully with our guests”.

So if you’ve got what it takes to be a Haven Funstar and would like to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Duncan from Blue, get yourself along to one of our auditions.

We are looking for singers, dancers, presenters and events cast with auditions taking place –

17 November – Liverpool, The Epstein Theatre 85 Hanover St

18 November – Birmingham, Old Library Custard Factory. Gibb Street.

19 November – London, Dominion Court Theatre

For more information on audition process and songs, you must prepare

Follow us on Twitter: @funstarsgolive or @haven

We’ve also put together this little Youtube video of what to expect at the auditions..

 Will we be seeing you there? Let us know in the comments below! 

  • Yanni

    You certainly will!!!….but look close to the ground- I’m short! 😉 xx

  • JACK

    Hiya, wondered how long following auditions you hear whether you are lucky enough to become a funstar?

    • Hi Jack 🙂

      You should be hearing back this week – good luck!

      • Yanni

        We’ve just had a call from Jamie at DC to say we should have a call next week about it, once all the auditions are over 🙂 Good Luck! 😀 xx

  • sian

    Hiya, very excited to have been offered position as cast singer and emailed back to confirm, also asked when we receive practice info , as I cant wait to start. Is there anyway of checking my emails have been received, and how/when I receive links to start practising as I’ve had no response, although can imagine they are very busy fitting evreyone into their required sites – I am so excited to be a ‘Funstar’ in February. I want to start practising now !!!!

    • Yanni

      Congratulations Sian! I bet you can’t wait to get started! 🙂

      Try and enjoy Christmas though before you go Funstar-fierce-crazy 😉


    • Hey Sian 🙂

      Well done on becoming a FunStar!

      The entertainment team have gone home for Christmas now so they may not reply straight away but they will be in touch soon 🙂

      Have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Carli

    I was hoping to audition for 2016 but I won’t turn 18 till January will I be able to audition at the end of 2015?

    • Hey Carli 🙂

      I’ve spoken to the Ents team and as long as you’re 18 by the time we open (March) We will need a letter from your parents/guardian saying it’s all okay for you to under go rehearsals and training before your 18 🙂

      Thanks and hope this helps!

  • Holly

    Hi, I want to attend the auditions in March and it said to email someone, which I have. How long will it take for the to reply or can I just turn up? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Holly 🙂

      Exciting times! It can take a little while to get back to everyone as we get so many emails but in the meantime I’d say read the breakdown of the job you applied for and prep for whatever it says you need to do 🙂

      Good luck!

  • Chloe

    Hi, I am a full time college student studying Performing Arts. I will be turning 18 this December and would love to audition to become a fun star for Summer 2016, but I would just like to know when I would need to start training in the event that I would be succsessful in my audition just to make sure that I would have finished College as I would be gutted to find that I had to decline an oppertunity because it clashes with college. Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Chloe 🙂

      We normally recruit our FunStars in January but if you tweet @funstarsgolive they will be able to help you 🙂

      Good luck!

  • Jodie

    Hi, was just wondering the dates of the next auditions for 2016 as I am really interested, and if you are able to audition at the age of 17 if you turn 18 a short time after. Thanks

  • Rebeka

    If I auditioned for the 2016 season, I wouldn’t finish college until the beginning of July would I still be able to apply or would there be no point until the next season as I would’ve missed the beginning few months?

    • Rebeka

      I would also be able to do part time whilst I’m still at college as it’s a three day-a-week course

  • Cieran Smith

    im 18 in march and was wondering if i could audition in the January even though i wont be 18 but ill be 18 by the time the job starts, literlly always wanted to do this can you help please?

    • Hey Cieran 🙂

      As long as you are 18 before we open that will be fine 🙂 We will need a letter from your parents/guardian saying it’s all okay for you to under go rehearsals and training before your 18 Thanks and hope this helps!

  • Dear to whom may concern. I’m writing inform you I’m interested to become a fun stars I have a lot s of experience working with children which inlcueded different activities. I enjoying dancing and I like to learn new skills along the way I be looking forward here from you thank u

    • Hey Nicola 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! If you’re interesting in becoming a FunStar visit for info on how to become one 🙂

      Good luck!

      • When Is it Birmingham audition I have loads experience working with children age 3-11 years old I play different activities and games. Which included football basketball. Hockey bean bags and hoops game. I enjoy dancing and I have sing song on the karaoke in the pass I love it down little sea holiday park

        • Hey Nicola 🙂

          The best place to get the latest update of all things FunStars is by following @FunStarsgolive on twitter or by visiting

          Hope this helps!

  • Nirvana

    Hiya, i’m wanting to audition next year (2016) are the auditions always around January/February time?? Also, I live in South Wales, is there usually any near me here? Or usaually where is the closest to me here? Last question, do the people who are successful have to go to any park within the UK that funfunstars are needed? Or do people have a choice about where they would like to go? Thank you 🙂 🙂

  • Nirvana

    Hi all, I did try and leave a comment yesterday, but I don’t think it worked.
    I am looking to audition next year ( 2016). And just wondering where the closest auditions to me are, I live in South Wales? Also, I wanted to know, do the successful funstars have a choice about what park they go to etc?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hey 🙂

      The best place to get answers to things all FunStars related is or tweeting @FunStarsgolive. Here you’ll find the best up to date information 🙂

      Good luck!

  • owen

    hi im 10 i wont to be won wen i 18 x

    • Hey Owen! Thats great news! Are you in any acting or dancing groups at the moment?

  • Alishia

    I would love to become a fun star but I am only sixteen

  • Alishia

    I have wanted to be a fun stars ever since I was a little girl I am 16 just now so I can’t wait until I am 18 so I can audition

  • Hey Nichole 🙂

    The auditions can vary but you can have a little sneak peak at one on our YouTube Channel!

  • Annabel Holt

    I was just wondering do you need any specific GCSE’s or qualifications to become a funstar or is it mainly experience you need?

  • Rosie

    I’m Currently in my third year in University studying Theater, Tv and Performance and have always wanted to be a fun star since the age of 9, when I went for my first haven holiday. If I audition next year after I finish third year, can you pick the location you can work, this is due to travelling and other priorities.

    • Hey Rosie 🙂

      Exciting stuff! Our FunStars don’t pick the parks and they usually live on the park they perform at – Hope this helps!

  • Laila

    Hello, o was just wondering what qualifications you will need to become a presenter or part of the event cast? ☺️

    • Johnny Brown

      Hey Laila 🙂

      Thanks for commenting! If you’re interesting in becoming a FunStar visit for info on how to become one 🙂

      Good luck!

  • Hello,

    I’ve Got Questions To Ask But I Need To E-Mail Someone, Who Can I E-Mail?


    • Anything I can help with? 🙂

      • Hello,

        I Have A Speech Impairment And I’m Special Needs And The FunStar Team May Turn Me Down Or Discriminate 🙁


        • Hey Jamie 🙂

          We have open auditions and everyone is welcome to come along – it’s all about the talent with us!

  • Bradley

    Hi, I am wondering when i can audition to hopefully become a funstar im currently 15 and 16 in July 2016 when am i able to come and audition and would i be able to do host lights and sound

    • Hey Bradley 🙂

      Exciting stuff! Our FunStars have to be 18 and over and you get involved with all aspects of the job!

  • Erin

    Hello I am really interested in becoming a fun star, but I have no previous experience on stage but I have worked in various childcare environments. Would this be a problem that I have no previous experience? Thanks

  • erica

    Hi, I am wondering when i can audition to hopefully become a funstar im currently 15 and 16 in December 2016 when am i able to start training, i currently am taking dance as a gcse option and i would really love to be a funstar

  • Adam Smither

    Hi what do you have to do in the audition for an events host

  • Tia Lester

    I’m only 15 but I’ll be 18 in 3 years and I can make an audition for 2022 funstar as I turn 18 on September 17th 2021 and I’m unsure when they will have the season closed I’ve always wanted to be a funstar ever since my first holiday at haven in 2007 could someone let me know when the haven park closes for winter because when I turn 18 I’ll audition

  • Tia Lester

    And I also doing dance and drama for my exams this year but I’m unsure when to audition as I turn 18 mid September in 2021 and I haven’t a clue when the haven sites close for winter or Christmas and when they re open