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    Funstar Friday! Our Top 5 Videos!

    So you’ve heard the song on your holidays. You’ve hummed the “We came to bring the house down” for weeks after your holiday is over. You’ve even downloaded the song to blast out at home at Family parties….

    The FunStars Go live signature theme tune is one of the coolest tracks EVER and we have dedicated this blog to the impact the song has had with all our holiday makers and owners.

    So we have scoured the internet far and wide for our Top 5 FunStars Go Live Videos… Here it goes…

    In a 5….

    This is a young FunStar Fan singing the song from start to finish at her computer and we think she sings it BRILLIANTLY!!!!

    At 4….

    Another couple of FunStar Fans recording their version of the song and dance in their living room with a little help from Dad.

    New Entry at 3….

    A couple of future FunStars tell us why they want to be FunStars in the future and treat us to an awesome version of the dance!

    Straight in at 2…

    Our official FunStars Go Live dance video featuring some of your favourite FunStars.

    And at the top spot at number 1 is….

    Our official lyric video which now has over 92,000 views! Wow!

    We would love to see your FunStars Go Live videos, maybe you could video your Nanna doing it or maybe even your family dog… Send us your vids…

    And don’t forget FUNSTARS BRING THE HOUSE DOWN. Watch more Haven Holiday YouTube videos here. p.s Don’t forget to subscribe