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    FunStar Friday!

    It’s that time of the week again, and my oh my don’t we have a treat in store for you!
    Do you ever find yourself  at your favourite Haven park, watching the Funstars pull all the best moves on stage, wishing you t,  could ‘Bring the house down?’ Well wish no more!
    We asked some very talented Funstars from our Caister Park , to break down the dance in to easy, manageable, step by step guides. We then created Youtube videos, perfect for our Haven Fans to learn all the steps in the comfort of their own home.

    First things first,  we need to teach you the moves to our signature sound ‘Bring the House down (Funstars go live!)’!

    But if that isn’t enough for you – why not test your skills  by learning our other hit ‘Like it to like it?’

    Go on why not give it a go?? You can always show us how well you doing by tweeting us @haven, finding us on Facebook or by commenting below! Remember so your the first of friends to hear the lastest from Haven you can subscribe to our Youtube channel here, plus you can now subscribe to the blog! It’ll be the best thing you ever do – I promise!