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    Backstage gossip with the FunStars – Part six!

    The ever popular Funstar from Craig tara, Nathan, is back with the latest goings at Haven!

    I’m back with a September blog, a little bit later than expected but even though peak season has been and gone, there is still hundreds of guests to entertain whilst on their holidays. With the summer season almost over, it’s coming to the time of year to start getting spooky with Halloween. Although it’s not my favourite time of year ( I don’t like scary things) Halloween is always great fun and preparations have already began with rehearsals of our Halloween show sure to spook and scare guests this October!!

    I’ll let you in to some more about our Halloween show and rehearsals in the next blog but what’s going on now? Well with it being a little quieter  I’ve had more time to hang out with the Seaside Squad to see what they have been upto!
    I joined Rory down by caravan sales where he was supposed to be helping out… I think he just wanted to play. We caught him messing around in the shower practising some new songs for next year! He’s also been busy with his b-fit session keeping all the boys and girls active.


    Rory practicing for his solo!

    Rory practicing for his solo!

    I also managed to catch up with Polly and Ned too. Polly has been teaching all the little ones about how to be safe at the swimming pool and also how great it is to sing with her Swim A Song session, getting to splash around with Polly and her friend Quakers. Also DJ Ned came to join us for our Children In Need gala day which we held a few weeks ago! We raised a lot of money with stalls from owners, games and of course fun and games with the Seaside Squad and Pudsey Bear himself. Ned couldn’t resist checking out some of the stalls and even held a turtle.

    Ned's making friends!

    Ned’s making friends!

    And of course Bradley and Greedy were up bright and early ready for breakfast. Greedy was a little cheeky and did try to steal a few peoples sausages buts Bradley made sure he was well behaved!

    That’s all for this month! It’s back to rehearsals for me and time to get ready for trick and treating!! See you next time 🙂

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