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    Backstage gossip with the FunStars – Part four!

    Nathan’s back for his monthly dose of Funstar goss and things are starting to get busy! With the Scottish school holidays already started and the rest of the UK shortly to follow, it means full steam ahead for our Funstars.
    Nathan’s also gone a little bit techy on us, find out how he copes…

    Hello!! I’m back again, a little later than usual but it’s been busy up here at Craig Tara!
    We’ve officially hit peak, we’ve just completed our second week of the busiest time of the year, especially for us Funstars! Peak season sees both venues open every night meaning there’s a lot more fun to be had for our owners and holiday makers 🙂

    What have we got coming up?
    We’ve got loads of new stuff exclusive for peak season like wrestling, panto and circus – lots of stuff for our guests to enjoy over peak!
    We do of course still have all the fun with your Funstars every night with Go Tots, Go Live, Go Show and Go Move!

    There's always time for a quick selfie with Rory!

    There’s always time for a quick selfie with Rory!

    Now for the techy bit…
    We of course can’t do any of that without one very important piece of equipment, our MacBook.
    The MacBook has absolutely everything we need to run out entertainment during the night, from your team yellow and team blue jingles to the Funstar show teams shows.
    Being able to use the Mac and the DJ box equipment is a very important part of being a Funstar, it’s where all of our entertainment comes from.

    Who can use the equipment?
    We all have to be trained on how to use the lighting desk, so we know which light does what, what slider turns on which light and how we can make the lights flash!
    Then there is the sound desk, where we have to learn how to make sound come from it, how to change the bass, middle and top of certain tracks or microphones and how to operate the onstage monitors through the desk. As well as all that, you need to make sure that you know the ins and outs of the Mac, so that you can find anything at the drop of a hat. We use a programme on the Mac called Soundbyte.

    Nathan and the rest if Craig Tara Funstars!

    Nathan and the rest if Craig Tara Funstars!

    What is Soundbyte?
    Soundbyte is a programme on the Mac that uses small little boxes to control all of our sound bites and jingles. It comes up as one simple page with a grid of boxes, and all you have to do is drop the sound file you want in the box and then click the box and the sound will be played. It’s a quick and easy way to have sound clips and jingles at the touch of your fingertips, without having to skip through track after track on CD (remember those!)
    You can also colour a box in so that you can separate sound bites from others.
    For example with Go Live, we would make the box yellow for the yellow teams jingle, and the box blue for the blue teams jingle, just to make it even easier for us to notice where the sound clip or jingle is we need 🙂
    You can also use hot keys so that all you have to do is press a letter on the keyboard for a sound bite to play. For example we use the letter ‘T’ as a hot key for tuck music, so once the page is opened, all we have to do is press T to have tuck music on underneath the presenter talking.
    As scary as the DJ box looks, once you know what everything does, it’s quite easy to operate and understand! 🙂

    Sorry for the quick blog, with everything happening here I’m always on the move. But that’s just a little insight into the technical side of the job as Funstar. Don’t forget to drop your questions below if you have any for me to answer, till next time byeee 🙂