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    Funstar Friday – Caister Style!

    So this week I wanted to check out some of our entertainment through your eyes, our fabulous guests and owners. So I spent the day at Caister to check out some of the daytime and evening entertainment.

    Now in typical Great British weather, I left Hemel Hempstead with hailstones lashing down on my windscreen and after a couple of hours driving (plus a large espresso) it was time to turn right at the Acle roundabout to drive over the Norfolk broads. Like something from an advert as I made that turning the clouds peeled away to reveal the glorious sunshine and a really nice temperature too.

    So I got to Caister just in time for the Punch & Judy show and everyone was loving it. If you’ve not yet seen it check it out as it’s so much and even Rory the Tiger proves himself to be a great puppeteer.

    23-05-2014 15-30-55

    I was met by the FunStars at Caister who were lovely as I always and I told them I was looking forward to tonight’s show! They were rehearsing in the afternoon too so I got to take a sneak peek before the curtain went up. It had been a couple of months since we waved them off from rehearsals so it was great to see them on their stage doing what they do best!

    In the evening I got to see the presenters Jason & Mark keep the crowd entertained with their quirky games and dances. FunStars Lauren and Matt were made balloon mummies by members of their teams (blue and yellow) and the blue team triumphed! In fact, it was a victory all round for the blue team. It’s so great to see all the kids and families enjoying all the concepts we produce. Guaranteed to get the dance floor filled every time is the FunStars signature sounds.

    23-05-2014 15-31-09

    Talking of signature sounds I caught up with the star of our “How to” party dance videos Wayne (now available on YouTube) who said filming them was so much fun. A little inside goss for you though…. his head mic wasn’t even switched on. I think Wayne was channelling his inner Britney Spears!

    Showtime didn’t disappoint either. The show cast were on form and had the crowd thoroughly entertained with all the hits from Girls on Film. I managed to get a few great shots for you all to check out.

    23-05-2014 15-31-21

    And that was that a quick photo backstage of the team and my little escape to the seaside was over before it even started. What I did leave with was plenty of good memories of seeing one of many talented FunStar teams entertaining our guests and owners to the highest standard.

    Thank you to Entertainment manager Carrie and the Caister FunStars! See you soon.