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    Funstar Friday!

    We all know how much the Funstars mean to our guests so we have taken the feedback on board and decided you all deserve a treat! Therefore every other Friday shall now be declared ‘Funstar Friday’ . Meaning the blog will be packed full of exciting news and updates, straight from the horses mouth. I’ve got a feeling 2014 is going to be the most entertaining season yet and that’s because we have some of the best feel-good performances Haven has ever seen, plus we have some of the best Funstars Haven has ever seen ( but keep that between you and me!) Since we are in our opening month I would like to treat you to some sneak preview and behind the scene info about our latest shows!

    This year we have tried to make our production show offering as diverse as possible to suit all demographics of our Haven guests and owners.

    Girls On Film

    This is our brand new show that celebrates the golden era with songs from chick flicks of the 1980’s and a few from the early 90’s. The show is set in a teenage girls bedroom whose just been dumped by her boyfriend and her friends come over to cheer her up armed with feel good chick flicks. We are talking Flashdance, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing. In 45 minutes we transport you through feel good music that will have you singing along… Guaranteed.

    FunStar RockStar:Reloaded

    Following on from last years FunStar RockStar we have breathed new life into this audience favourite by bringing a more nostalgic slant to this show worthy of being performed in stadiums. From Bon Jovi to Kiss and even Led Zepplin. We have even have a Queen medley to wet your appetites featuring some not so obvious choices but will surely having you rocking out! Air guitar solos are not optional!!

    Live @

    With our other two productions looking to the past to complete their pumping soundtracks we look to the present with this year’s Live @. A lot of today’s modern music can be quite hard to recreate due to technological production techniques so with this in mind we have produced a show full of present day music but with more of an acoustic and live lounge feel. There’s a few interesting mash ups in there too for good measure. The show features tracks by Kylie, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, The Script and many more. Check out Daft Punk vs Bruno Mars vs Justin Timberlake – that’s our favourite.


    So come on down, sit back and let us do all the entertaining! Which one the shows would you say is your favourite or is there any songs you would like to see performed live? Let us know in the comments below.

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