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    Funstar Fridays – Audition time!

    Today is a very, very special Funstar Friday as we are on the hunt for some more talented people! We are looking for the best singers, dancers, presenters and performers to keep the guests and owners on our Haven Parks entertained. Have you got what it takes?

    Here at Haven we are delighted to announce that our next auditions are happening very soon and we would love for you to come and show us your talents!

    We are having our Final Summer Casting Call on Wednesday 2nd July 2014!

    What roles are there?

    We don’t mind if you are a newbie on the scene or if you are experienced – come and join us!
    Every position is important as the other, as it takes everyone to create that famous Haven ‘Magic’! As the face of Haven, both on stage and around the park it’s important you have amazing social skills and love to speak to every member of the family.


    We ask that our singers our extremely versatile. One day you may be rocking out to a classic 80’s hit, the next you may have to be a pop sensation. You will also need good harmony skills – enough to rival Destiny’s Child! Plus we do want someone who can move well and has they all important stage presence.
    This role includes taking part in a daytime and evening stage events.

    At your audition we do ask that you sing one of our pre-prepared songs. You can choose from the following:

    Funstars go live! 
    We are young

    You can find the tracks to practice with here.

    Checklist – what do you need to bring?
    A photograph
    Any evidence of previous experience (videos, youtube, and/or photographs)


    Can you see yourself on our Haven stages?


    We do ask that our budding Stars are trained in all disciplines of dance, and any acting, singing or presenting abilities are beneficial.

    At the audition you will be taught a short combination of moves by one of our fabulous choreographers.
    This role includes taking part in daytime and evening stage events.

    Checklist – what do you need to bring?
    A photograph
    Any evidence of previous experience (videos, youtube, and/or photographs)
    Please attend the audition with full stage make-up and comfortable footwear.


    This indivudal needs to be able to take control of all the action and keep an audience full of all ages ranges entertain, this means cuff interaction and sense of humour is a must! Whether it is peak season and the Show Bar is packed or its a quieter affair, you should still bring the fun!

    Our main stage presenters are our Masters of ceremonies, presenting the Seaside Squad, presenter challenges, Pop Star Dancing and Big Win Competitions.
    For your audition you will have to create and prepare an evening entertainment concept based on one of our pre-selected titles. See the full audition brief here.


    You really need to be prepared for anything!

    You really need to be prepared for anything!

    Events Cast

    As a member of the cast you need to be prepare for anything! One night you may be party dancing, then chatting on a microphone or you may need to go and talk to the audience. We will always want you to look your best – dress to impress! And remember your never fully dressed without a smile 🙂

    At your audition there will be an improvisational session. This is our chance to see your quick-witted skills!

    Checklist – what do you need to bring?
    A photograph
    Any evidence of previous experience (videos, youtube, and/or photographs)

    Where do I need to go?

    Get yourselves down to Pineapple Studios, 7 Langley Street, London. The closest station to this is Covent Garden.

    Registration for all roles at 10:30am
    If you are wanting to join us in London on the 2nd July please email to confirm your place titling your email FUNSTAR AUDITION 2nd JULY

    Must 18 or over. If you have previously, been successful and are on our waiting list there is no need to audition and will be in contact when role perfect for you comes along!

    If you have any questions you can tweet us at @funstarsgolive

    We look forward to seeing you there! Why not get inspired and read some of Funstar blogs? Or if your not quite sure what a Funstar is you can read all about them here!