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    FunStar takeover – Kirsty from Thorpe Park

    It wouldn’t be FunStar takeover week if we didn’t have Kirsty from Thorpe Park dropping by!

    ‘Hi everyone!  Kirsty here again.  It feels like only yesterday I wrote my first blog when actually it was 5 weeks ago!

    Easter has been & gone and it was crazy!  We had a packed Showbar every day and extra easter activities like egg hunts, egg decorating, bonnet making and Ned’s non starty easter party.  We also had Camp Cardboard through the easter holidays so the show bar was filled with cardboard robots, snow men, boats & even a card board jail which the kids loved locking the Funstars inside!  We had a great afternoon building cardboard forts!

    Our next busy weekend is the May bank holiday.  Here at Thorpe Park it is a special weekend.  The whole weekend we will have R&T football tours staying on park.  1300 footballers will be checking in on Friday.  In the day time they will go out and play football and be back on park in the evening.  On Sunday they have a presentation where the winners collect their trophies.  We also have a surprise celebrity footballer on presentation day to hand out the medals & trophies.  Right now it’s top secret who it is!

    Our Funstar dancers will become cheerleaders for the day so they are already hard at work choreographing a brand new routine .  It will be a busy day but we are all excited about it!

    A sneak peak of what Kirsty has been up to!

    A sneak peak of what Kirsty has been up to!

    As well as 1300 footballers and the adults with them, we still have holiday makers & owners on park.  This will be a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air and have some fun in the sun.  All our daytime activities on Sunday will take place outside.

    As it is a bank holiday weekend there are added extra live acts both in the mash and barrel and the Showbar.  There is something for everyone whether you are a here for football or not.  From live bands to vocalists, guests will be spoiled for choice!’

    Have you got something that you’re just itching to ask Kirsty?
    Let us know!