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    FunStar takeover – New Shows for 2015!

    This week the FunStars have been let loose on all social channels. That means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and of course the blog, will be showcasing a lot of love for Blue and Yellow – FunStar fierce at the ready!This week we’ll be catching up with different FunStars from some of our parks, asking what they have been up to as well getting some backstage gossip.
    We’ve also got some exciting FunStar videos, including one which will help you create the perfect FunStar look!

    To kick things off we thought we’d introduce some of the new FunStar shows – and we’d love to hear what you guys think of them! We have 3 brand news shows (and 1 returning favourite) that will be sure to entertain – and even educate!

    Introducing..our FunStar Shows in 2015

     Join us everyday this week and join in the FunStar takeover!