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    FunStar takeover – Wayne from Craig Tara

    Our first FunStar blogger may look a little familiar if you’re a fan of our YouTube channel – he’s the FunStar who taught you how to ‘bring the house down‘! Wayne’s dropped by to give us an update on what’s happening at Craig Tara..

    ‘Hey there, my name is Wayne I am spending my 5th season with Haven as a FunStar dancer at Craig Tara Holiday Park. We have loads of great entertainment coming up this May bank holiday with some great live acts alongside our fantastic FunStar production shows including a Cheryl Cole tribute!
    Personally, I am looking forward to participating in Let’s Play Fayre as it brings everyone back to their school days with some fun and games for all the family including Splat the Rat, Hook A Duck, Tin Can Alley and so much more.

    Wayne and his team - ready for Signed Souled Delivered!

    Wayne and his team. They’re ready for Signed Souled Delivered – are you?

    Another great activity we have at Craig Tara during this May bank holiday is our pop up puppet theatre with puppet shows such as the hare and the tortoise and Rory’s Punch and Judy Show.

    The park will be jumping with excitement throughout the bank holiday weekend and the atmosphere will be electric as everyone, including the FunStars, will be basking in the glorious sunshine as we take some of our activities outside and get creative around the park. Yes, I said it, sunshine in Scotland!’

    We love your enthusiasm Wayne!
    Have you got any questions for our first FunStar blogger?