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    Golden Sands Adventure Village

    Calling all thrill seekers and adventurers, our Golden Sands coastal holiday park in Mablethorpe is set to welcome an amazing development during 2020. Introducing the all new Adventure Village, which will be coming to park this April.

    Our concession funfair is being removed to make way for a fully immersive leisure facility to keep you, your little ones and even the grandparents occupied.

    The latest of all our new developments to get underway, we began work on a rather wet and cold 16th December and although we’re just six weeks in, we are starting to notice a huge difference already.

    The Adventure Village can be found behind the swimming pools, to the right of the main reception and once finished, the updated space will allow us to double the activities and facilities available to our guests; we will now have an amazing 16 areas to choose from!

    From new activities, to play areas, here’s everything you need to know about the latest development:

    Bungee trampolines

    A sure favourite with many of our guests, our bungee trampolines will be staying on park. Whether it’s trying out your very best moves, or simply taking a new view of the park, they let little ones bounce as high as they wish with the help of the bungee cord. Moving ever so slightly, the trampolines will now be found towards the top right of the village.

    The Jump

    Adrenaline junkies take note, as the park will now boast an outdoor tower that will be home to our exhilarating activity, ‘The Jump’! Feel the thrill of free fall before landing on a soft giant airbag to bring you back to reality.

    Climbing Wall

    If you have a head for heights, then this one’s for you. Our climbing walls put your agility to the test and they’re a great workout too. Found next to the bungee trampolines, there’s an added competitive element to this activity – will you be able to make it up the wall the fastest?

    Aerial Adventure

    Perfect for the thrill seekers who want to be challenged, Aerial Adventure will give you the chance to take a bird’s-eye view of the park as you balance your way across a high ropes course, while the Mini Aerial Adventure’ ropes course is ideal for younger adventurers. Located in the middle of the village, the ropes are not only great for those involved, but they’re brilliant for spectating too!

    Balloon Blast

    Did somebody say “water balloon fight?” Well it’s exactly what you’re going to get at our balloon blast activity. Join in our fantastic water extravaganza where you’ll use the catapults to fire water balloons at the other team and their station. You’ll have five balloons so be sure to use them wisely!

    Play area

    For the little ones not yet big enough to take part in the more adventurous activities, fear not, there are still plenty of ways they can get a slice of the action with a number of play areas to choose from. There will be both outdoor and sand play areas, as well as a dedicated tots play area which can all be found to the left of the village. For the older children, there is also a multi-use games area which will host everything from football to junior segways.

    Chill out

    What’s the point in having an amazing new leisure facility if there’s nowhere for people to watch? With this in mind, the new space also includes a dedicated seating area so that even those who aren’t part of the activities can still get involved. Get a front row view of the stage for outdoor events or why not treat yourself to something to eat or drink from our ‘Sweet Treats’ container which can be found either end of the village.

    Bark Yard

    And it isn’t just the humans we’ve catered for, that’s right, we also have an area dedicated to our furry friends – the Bark Yard! Your dogs are free to leap, run and jump as they please across our new animal assault course! And the best part? You can guarantee they’ll sleep well afterwards!

    Phew! We’re exhausted just writing this, let alone testing it all out! We hope you’re excited as we are for spring 2020!

    Find out more about our Golden Sands Adventure Village or book a holiday here